Thursday, November 26, 2015

Halloween-really late!

Super, Super late Halloween post, but oh well. I ended up not actually buying a costume this year. Since I didn't spend money on a costume, I felt at liberty to be something different at every Halloween event we went to. I gotta say, I had a lot of fun. 

Halloween night dressed as Frankenstein's Monster. The dress is Hell Bunny, but I thought it went well with the look. 

These pictures were at Trick or Trunk at my daughter's school the night before Halloween. I was Poison Ivy. Poncho is a sparkly camo one from Lane Bryant. 

This spinning thing was her prize for winning best 1st grade girls costume. 

This was at Hoot N' Howl at Northwest Trek I'm a popart comic character.

This was from a Halloween event we went to at a local church, which was awesome by the way. Despite being in the church, there wasn't really anything particularly religious. They had bounce houses, popcorn, cotton candy, balloon animals, and lots of games for the kids to play to win candy. I was supposed to be a broken doll. 

Killer clown. These were taken at Zoo Boo at Point Defiance Zoo.  The dress is from Torrid from about 4 1/2 years ago. It's funny because I remember really like the dress at the time, but not so much anymore. 

 Well, Happy Thanksgiving for those who celebrate it.

Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Studded Lipstick

I was just recently sent the Sephora holiday catalogue that featured a lot of the new gift sets available. Seeing several in the adds I was interested in, I decided to go check some of them out in person. I was a little disappointed as the store didn't have majority of the ones I really wanted to look at, but I did end up getting myself the Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Studded Kiss lipstick set. This pack came with 7 mini lipsticks and 1 full size and retails at $42. I love the idea of mini lipsticks and these type of gift sets. I actually like almost every color out of the 8. But I'll go into further detail about the individual lipsticks.

Coven: This is a matte lavender shade. Super pretty and super drying, but I still love the color. It goes on pretty thick, but if your lips are already dry it will really cling to dry skin and make your dry pout that much more obvious to everyone else. I've really been into purple types of lipsticks lately, but this is a color that I'll seriously consider purchasing a full size in the future.

Wolvesmouth: First of all, gotta say I'm loving the name; it's so savage and sexy sounding and makes me think of werewolves. This one is described as a metallic berry. This color is fairly close to Lipstick Queen's Bete Noire Possessed Metal, with Wolvesmouth being a little more fuchsia and Possessed Metal leaning a little bit more towards plum. Below is a comparison picture with Possessed on the left and Wolvesmouth on the right. This is available in full size. Full size is $21, since I compared it to Possessed Metal, I'll let you know how much Possessed Metal is: $40.


NaYeon: This color is so fucking gorgeous and the finely milled gunmetal shimmer in it is absolutely amazing and this picture does it no justice whatsoever! However, I've never worn a black or dark grey shade of lipstick with the exception of Halloween, so I'm not sure how much use I'll get out of it. I'm going to make myself wear it out in public at least once. This is available in full size.

Gold Blooded: This is a really beautiful bright red with gold and red shimmer in it. This is the full size lipstick in the set, is limited edition, and the studded packaging on this one is white rather than the normal black. I like this color a lot, but I'm not sure it is one that I'd specifically go out and purchase. I've seen so many dupes of this (I seriously have a .99 NYC lipstick that is virtually an identical color, only maybe a little grittier glitter in it).

Noble: This is the only color that I'm not super happy with. It is described as a "matte petal pink nude." While this color may look gorgeous on some people, it is entirely too close to my winter skin tone, washes me out and I think gives me kind of a sickly look. I don't know, maybe it'll grow on me, but at this point this is my first impression. This is another one of those colors that there are a million dupes out there at far cheaper prices. I have a very similar color (slightly darker and some shimmer) from LA Color that was only $1. I don't think the quality of this one is much better, but the packaging sure is prettier. The photo below has the cheap LA Color lipstick on the left, Noble is on the right. This is available in full size.

Halo: This color, wow! It's a super shimmery, pigmented orange. I automatically think of the Slow Burn eyeshadow in the Urban Decay Electric palette, because it is seriously that type of pigmentation. It's pretty, goes on smooth, nothing to not love about it...Except it's orange and shows tooth discoloration. This is available in full size.

Sexer: The box describes this as an iridescent hot pink. It's nice. The application is smooth. It's basic, but a lovely color. This is available in full size.

Bachelorette: This is a reddish fuchsia type color. It's not described as a matte on the box, but there's really not any shimmer or anything in it. I like the color. This is available in full size. While I like it, I wouldn't purchase this one in a full size myself. And please excuse this dumb ass face!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Walking Dead with Fright Fest

The first week of October I took my daughter to an event called Fright Fest which is hosted by Wild Waves Theme Park. While some people dress up, I really didn't feel like putting on costumes, so I threw on my Walking Dead tee. I figure it's staying in theme, but still looks like I'm an adult. And how exciting is it that the show is back on tv?! The picture quality in these pictures are definitely less than stellar, they were taken on my cell phone. A style note on these pants. While I love the color, they are not as advertised, or at least don't fit my body that way. Old Navy lists them as pixie ankle pants. They come to a normal length on me (I'm 5'3) and they almost look bootcut. I still like them, but they just look so different than online. Also Old Navy lists them as a red plaid, I figured based off the pictures they were more maroon/burgundy than red so I ordered the cardigan accordingly. Well when I got them, I was right. These pants also come in blue plaid, houndstooth, floral, black, blue, and purple. 

While I've been to Wild Waves before I've never done Fright Fest. It was actually a lot of fun. There are two haunted houses (the Chamber of Souls and the Playground 3D, lots of rides, a non-scary area for younger kids they call Booville (this section has bouncy houses, arts and crafts, and little photo boards with the cutouts to put your head in),  as well as places to grab a bite to eat, and Movin 92.5 is there playing music. I was there for the haunted houses, my daughter wanted to do the rides; I think it was a fair enough compromise. I will say however, I liked The Playground a lot better than the other. Everything was in neon color and glowing, you got to wear 3D glasses that made it look like everything was popping out at you with the strobe lights and black lights. I even ended up having to take the glasses off at one point. It was way more original than The Chamber of Souls. Also, the Chamber of Souls had a crazy wait in line, we seriously waited for an hour to get in.

Pants and Cardigan: Old Navy. Walking Dead Tee: Walmart. Boots: Kmart.

A big waterfall near one of the haunted houses that the water was dyed red to look like blood. My child kept telling me it looked like chocolate milk though.

There's a large pond in the middle of Wild Waves and it has hundreds of koi or carp. Right where this picture is taken there are some vending machines with fish food that you can purchase for .25 and feed them so they seem to gather on this side of the pond along with the wild mallards who are trying to score themselves an easy meal.  

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Black and White Skeletons

As if I haven't already said how much I love October and Halloween before, well, here's how I incorporate it into a daily style without looking too crazy. I found this skeleton scarf at Claire's towards the end of September and I freaking love it! Plus it works awesomely with the monochrome look. It's still available on the website, although it lists it as regular price being $16.50, but even when I purchased it at the store it wasn't that much. I don't know what's going on with my necklace, you can see it's strangely folded up my chest, yeah, not really sure what was going on there. This was after a long day at work and then followed by my daughter's swimming lessons. I'm also not sure what her problem was that day, but she was in such a pissy little mood and was clearly going to show that in my photos. lol oh wellz, I still love her. 

Dress: Ross. Leggings, Necklace, Skull Earrings: Walmart. Boots: Torrid. Scarf: Claire's.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Plaid Plums

 I wore this outfit the last day of September and it has quickly become one of my favorite outfits that's been in high rotation lately. Besides the fact that purple is my favorite color, it's also fairly warm which is nice since the mornings are so chilly now. I think my favorite thing about this outfit has to be the scarf though, it has flowers and skulls, so yeah, of course I'm gonna be attracted to it.
I ended up buying two of these plaid shirts (different colors) and seriously thought about buying a couple more. They say that they are tunic length, however that's not completely true. The back of the shirt is quite a bit longer though and will cover some rump. My only real complaint about the shirt is that the damn thing will shrink so if purchasing it, plan accordingly! The lipstick I'm wearing is Wonderchilde by Kat Von D and is another one of my favorites. Sephora describes it as an iridescent neon lilac.

Shirt and Black Cat Earrings (can't see): Walmart. Scarf and Skull Ring: Torrid. Leggings: Lane Bryant. Boots: Old Navy. Bracelet: I believe it was Fashion Bug many years ago. Purple Bead Necklace (hard to see): Target brand new via the Goodwill. 

You can't see them, but I have on some super cute Halloween black cat earrings that have green eyes. I tried to find them on the Walmart website, but it didn't have the same ones. Here a link to a similar pair. I have an affection for black cats. 

How cute is my daughter's outfit!? I would seriously wear it if it came in my size. Her whole outfit is from Justice for Girls, her bag is Target, and Boots are from Kmart.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Fringe Kimono and Berries

 This is an outfit that I wore to work towards the end of September. While the Kimono is definitely summer wear, I figured I can get a few more wears out of it this year while we still have some fall days that are on the warmer side. I got a ton of compliments on this outfit, which is always nice. This lipstick is amazing. It's Bete Noire in Possessed Metal by Lipstick Queen. I originally went to get the Intense Possessed, which is supposed to be a deep blackberry, but upon trying it I just wasn't super impressed. One thing that is so amazing about this lipstick color is that is is very dark and has blue undertones, so your teeth look very white, I don't know about you, but that's always a plus for me!

 Shirt, Kimono, Necklace, Earrings, and Bracelet: Kmart. Jeans: Ava and Viv via Target. Shoes: Old Navy.

These booties in Wine I absolutely love. They are not only in a gorgeous color, but they are actually comfortable too. I normally don't bother trying shoes on at Old Navy, most of the time they are too narrow for my feet. When I saw these ones though I had to try, low and behold they fit! 

The Jewelry was a box set I got for Christmas last year from my brother I believe. The earrings are the same as the flower charm you can see on the necklace and bracelet. A note on the jeans: I really,  really loved these when I first bought them. They are supposed to be skinny jeans, but really don't fit me like the, however, I really liked the fit through the thighs and waist. I've had these since about March, and they don't fit so great anymore. Now they are just loose and sloppy everywhere, which is rather disappointing. 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Fat Halloween Costumes and My Picks

With October upon us all I can think about is Halloween. I don't know about you, but it is definitely one of my favorite times of the year. That being said, if you're wanting to buy a pre-made costume it can be rather frustrating as a plus sized woman, but they are out there. I haven't completely figured out what I'm going to be this year, I have some ideas, but I'm still searching. My daughter already picked out her costume, she's going to be a zombie homecoming queen. We've done a trial run for her costume, but for the actual night of it should look so much cooler since I've gotten some liquid latex and scab blood to do some creepy stuff with her skin.

Torrid: Now the costumes that are being sold through Torrid are not by Torrid. Just one thing to keep in mind when it comes to sizing. Halloween costumes are notorious for running small, so always try to make a point to look at size charts if they are available. I got my day of the dead costume from Torrid last year and surprisingly it was actually pretty big and I could of easily sized down. This year Torrid is selling a lot of super hero skater dresses that can easily be made into a costume.  My picks from Torrid are:

White Rabbit Costume Dress, , hi-resMad Hatter Costume Dress, BLUE, hi-res

Yandy: Yandy tends to have a lot of sexier/skimpier styled costumes that in some instances tend to verge on lingerie. Several years back I had purchased a sailor costume from them, it was cute, but it was incredibly short to where my butt showed even standing up and I HAD to wear pants under the costume (you've been warned lol). They do have cute ones though and if your into the sexier sorts, well check them out. Yandy says they go up to a 6x. Here's the break down when a search is narrowed to a 6x and 5x there are 26/27 costumes available, most of these are a corset type of costumes. If you filter by 4x the same costumes are available as with the 5x and 6x. However a 3x has 88 costumes available. Strangely if you choose the listing of 3x/4x there is a huge variety that opens up and it lists  168 (this is also not including all those corset type of costumes that were listed). If your smaller than those, the options are just that much more. My Yandy picks:

 Halloween Costumes This online retailer claims to have "the largest selection of costumes in the world", I wouldn't doubt that looking through their website.  According to their website the sizing goes up to a 7x, however some of the costumes I clicked on listed an 8x even. I actually think this site has the best selection of costumes and the most extended sizing. One thing that's kind of cool though is they actually have a section to find your shape (I know a lot of woman that are offended by these, but some people find them helpful) and it goes on to recommend what would work best with your body shape; it even has a body shape quiz.  They also give recommendation/tips on how to complete a look with the details such as wigs, jewelry, shoes etc. Another plus about this website is they have very specific charts on how to do proper measurements to find your size, so that's definitely a big plus. One of their best tips "Your two best accessories are a smile and your confidence; nothing is more beautiful than happiness!" 
 Plus Size Bad Dreams CostumePlus Size Lethal Beauty Costume

Plus Size Polka Dotty Monster CostumePlus Size Miss Krueger Costume

Candy Apple Costumes I quickly glanced over this site. If you're a smaller fatty you'll probably have more luck. Costumes in the 3x and 4x range were limited. Even of the ones they showed, there were a lot that said not in stock or discontinued underneath.  Example: it says there were 36, 4x costumes available, but when you go to view them, 6 were out of stock, one is marked as discontinued, and 3 items are actually just tie dyed tee shirts. I personally wasn't super impressed and think the options here are a little cruddy, but you never know, they might just have the costume YOU are looking for. One last thing I did notice that even some of the 3x sized costumes are marked 18-20 while some are marked 22-24 so pay attention!  My picks:

Women's Plus Size Woodland Red Riding Hood CostumeDeluxe Queen of Hearts Costume Plus Size

Spirits Halloween While I love Spirit's and am always super excited when they open up around here every September, Spirit's costume selection for a fat girl kind of sucks, especially if you're on the larger end, but they are a place to get costumes so I'll include them. The selection of plus sized costumes online is better than the in-store selection (trust me when I say this, I've gone to 3 Spirit's locations so far since they opened and the plus in-store is almost null and void).  I have always got my daughter's costumes here, but then again she's not a plus sized woman either. A lot of the plus sized sizing here tends to be 1x or 2x with the occasional 3x/4x sizing unfortunately. My picks:

Costume Super Center: This seems like a body positive site although their range isn't huge at all. They state "Women are sometimes shy about their size, but they can really show off their curves with sexy outfits from XL to 4X. Try being Betty Boop for an evening, or dress as a French maid and carry a feather duster. Those short ruffled petticoats and fishnet stockings enhance a real woman's curve." Despite their lingo there just isn't much available. But again it is another place to search. They do have the day of the dead costumer I rocked last year, although I will say it was much longer on me that what they advertise. 

 Hips and Curves: This is another website that tends to be sexier costumes, with all of them being corset based. They are SUPER cute. It looks like all the corsets go up to a 6x. They then sell other things like sleeves, panties, tulle skirts, jewelry, and various accessories. Hips and Curves is not cheap however, one corset alone can run you $55-80 based off a few that I looked at. While I love the look book, price wise they are out of my budget for a costume. Some of my favorite looks:

Party City: Party City displays an alright amount of  plus sized costumes. The selection isn't real large, but I did see a fair amount that I liked. One thing I noticed about their website is for the plus size costumes it doesn't always give you what size it's available in, only says "plus" like that shits a universal size or something and some of the costumes didn't give an area to order it.  Weird. I don't if it's something that you just have to go to a store to get, or if it was a website issue. A few I clicked on would also say this product is not available at this time. There were some costumes that went up to 3x, but like I said there were many that just said plus. The jester and scarecrow costumes below are listed as "plus" size costumes. Just for reference I would never wear the scarecrow costume as is, I'd have to make it scary.

Walmart: My local Walmart's selection of plus size is horrendous. I think I've only ever seen one 2x costume and it was damaged. 1x isn't difficult to find though. I thought maybe the online selection would be better, it's really not. All the costumes are listed as one size "plus" and basically say they fit 16-20, so this works for smaller plus, but your SOL if your bigger. There really isn't that many costumes listed either which I got to say kind of surprised me for Walmart.
Rubies Batgirl Costume; PlusSouthern Belle Adult Plus Halloween Costume, Size: Women's 16-20 - One Size

Kmart: I've never actually looked at the adult costumes at Kmart myself, but I decided to take a peek of what they have online. Most of Kmart's pieces seem to be 1x of 2x, but there are about 50 3x costumes. Kmart may be worthwhile to take a look at.
Leg Avenue Plus-Size 3 Piece Darling Robin Hood Costume Women’s Psychedelic Alice Costume

Plus Size Costume Shop: This online retailer has a lot of costumes available ranging from 1x to a 7x. They are cute, and have a selection of Disney themes. They are not cheap costumes however. A few of the costumes I looked at ranged between $300-$500, so they are definitely on the pricey end.  This is a retailer that sells on Ebay and Etsy, besides through their website.
handmade plus size rapunzel halloween costume from tangled renaissance ball gown dress pink satin with blonde flower braid wig