Monday, May 19, 2014

Tea Party and the Mad Hatter

Saturday was my (2nd) cousin's wedding shower. It was super cute. She did a Mad Hatter theme; we all had to wear these mini top hats that she decorated herself, so crafty. Now none of these pictures are a full on outfit post, but they'll do. I had a good time and was very tired by the end of the night. Oh, I changed my hair color too. I had initially dyed it a soft auburn, but wasn't really feeling that so I added some blonde highlights with a frosting cap. I gotta say I am liking the results. 

 Dress: Torrid. Necklace: Payless. Bracelet: House of Key. Watch and Earrings: Walmart. Mini Top Hat: crafted by my cuz.

 Picture I took for my cuz. She loved it.

 Hmmm...deep in conversation about something.

Later that night during the bachelorette party. According to the masks in order from left to right, I'd like you to meet Slut, Bachelorette, Sexy, and Bitch.  These masks were so dumb, they cut off half your vision. The only way I can even imagine them fitting anyone is if their eyes were practically on the sides of their head. Needless to say they did NOT stay on long.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Floral

Happy Mother's Day Y'all!!! Today I spent the day with my daughter, mom, and grandma. We got some takeout at KFC and ate dinner at my grandma's. It's was a pretty nice day. I hope everyone else out there enjoyed their Mother's Day whether it was with their children or Mamas. 
I wore one of my new purchases from Lane Bryant. So love this dress. It does run a bit small though. I'm always a little leery of sheath dresses and the fit, so when I read the reviews on this dress running small I got a little over zealous and ordered it in a 28. HUGE mistake (pun intended ;) ), it was ridiculously big. I ended up having to exchange it and got a 22. Now the 22 is a little more form fitting than I would like, but I'm still gonna wear it anyways. Oh and these shoes I just got at Payless, ridiculously comfortable and cheap too. I so wish they had them in more bright colors cause I would buy a ton. An awesome thing about these shoes is that they can probably accommodate almost any width fit as they are a stretchy sort of material.

 Dress: Lane Bryant. Shoes: Payless. Necklace: Kmart. Bracelets: Target & Icings.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Garden Estate: Lakewold

Sunday I took my daughter to the Lakewold Gardens. It was absolutely stunning. This estate is 10 acres and over one hundred years old, but has been open for 25 years as a non-profit. It was so beautiful.The mansion was gorgeous as well. The very front of the estate was super manicured, but as you continue back through the property it starts to get a sort of overgrown feel (while still looking like everything was planted in a very intentional way). There was a stream that meandered through out all the way to back of the property which is met by Gravelly Lake. It's one of those places that you are in serious awe. I WISH I could live there! I think Eulalia Wagner sums it up perfectly "As we become more and more city creatures, living in manmade surroundings, perhaps gardens will become even more precious to us, letting us remember that we began in the garden." 

It was fantastic weather so I opted to wear this new maxi dress I bought at Lane Bryant. It's funny because most of the last year I've been extremely disappointed with them. I just didn't really think anything LB was coming out with was particularly eye catching, until I logged online a few days ago and there were three dresses that I fell in love with. This was clearly one of them. I also feel like LB's sizing is off. I
 normally wear a 24 and ended up having to exchange this dress in-store for a size 20. Nevertheless, this dress was so perfect for our little excursion. I'm taking a trip to California in August and am already contemplating taking this one along (although we'll see once I get closer to the date). 

Dress: Lane Bryant. Necklace and Flip Flops: Walmart. Earrings: Old Navy. Bag: Kmart.