Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Haunts

Happy Halloween! My brother and I took my daughter out for dinner, and then afterwards we met up with my cousins family for trick or treating. Overall it was a pretty good night, shockingly not too cold, and the rain actually let up just in time.

Earrings: Old Navy. Skull necklace: Fuego. Snake necklace: Hustler Hollywood. Shirt: LYS. Belt: Walmart. Pants: Source of Wisdom. Shoes: Xhilaration. Bracelet: Walmart. Watch: gift. Blazer-shown in pictures below: Lane Bryant. Purse: Glo Jeans.

  A free haunted house some the of residents in this neighborhood put on. My daughter didn't like the first part, but the second room that was basically zombified Disney princesses, she absolutely loved.

 I found this shirt at Kmart and thought it was pretty awesome, especially for the price-under $20.

So many people had their dogs dressed up, but this was by far the cutest, as well as largest one.

Anyways, hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Harvest Festival

The church on my road was having a harvest festival tonight, which my daughter and I attended. It was fun. They had lots of games and crafts for the kids.
 I bought this tee shirt yesterday and am in LOVE with it.

 Blazer: Lane Bryant. Jeans: Tripp NYC. Shoes: Not sure of brand-purchased at Target. Shirt: Miss Popular

Earrings: Old Navy. Necklace: Fashion Bug. Fox ring: Payless. Pinky ring: black hills gold and diamond bought by my parents years ago. So this is a LB blazer as I said, but I got it at Fashion Bug, which I think I mentioned before is closing down. Everything is on clearance. This originally $50 blazer was mine for something like $12, can you say score!
  Lol yes this is the bathroom at the church. All the other pics are my bug, or Minnie rather...

  Baby's art project. The Turkey says "Eat Beef," ha ha that's an idea, I get sick of turkey EVERY Thanksgiving.

Cupcake she won.

Plaid Wool in the Fall

I love this time of year, there is always so much to do, although most of it tends to be outside. Yesterday my daughter and I went to another farm. This time, besides being cold it was raining also. Schilter farm does not do Halloween stuff so much as fall things. During the fall they open up a petting farm, and have a corn and hay maze. The corn maze this year was shaped like Tutankhamun in honor of the exhibit that is going on in Seattle. This is a working farm so you can purchase fresh fruits and veggies, homemade apple cider, etc. Of course one of their main things now is pumpkins, and come Christmas it will be trees.

Coat: Old Navy. Cardigan: Merona. Tee shirt: LYS. Wedge Boots: Mossimo. Pants: Earrings: Old Navy. Necklace: Fashion Bug

  The tee shirt is so much more awesome than it appears. It actually has lace shoulder that are the same color as the darker stripes.
  I loved these baby sheep, and so wanted to take them home with us. They were absolutely adorable.

  My necklace isn't in any of the other pictures because the middle ring broke right after we got to the farm and I didn't end up fixing it until we left and went to get lunch/dinner.
  Her coat is Old Navy also. I swear they have some of the best ones.

 This is in a barn that is open on 3 sides. You can see the fog drifting in the picture.
 And waiting for our meal after leaving the farm. I love my babes Bambi hoody; the expression Bambi is doing is SO her expression. After we ate we made one more stop off at Ross, and I started some Christmas shopping. Kind of an off shoot, but there are many times that I have had my daughter with me when I am buying her gifts for a future holiday. A lot of times she will ask who I am getting it for and I lie and tell her that I am buying it for one of my cousins kids-who are boys. She then started to ask why would a boy want the girl toy. So Yesterday I was trying to be slick and shove a Bratz doll car under the cart and she noticed. Then says "Who's that for?" I say I don't know what you're talking about. she responds with "I seen you put that under there". So I tell her "Oh, that's for Felicity," who is my 16 year old cousin. She screws her face up and says "um I don't think Felicity plays with toys like me." I was internally cracking up at her responses to me, but trying to be sly and shop for her while she's with me just gets trickier as she gets old. Ha ha so is life.

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dark Hallows

Maybe it's just me, but I think it is always a struggle trying to be fashionable while trying to wear something warm and practical. Tonight is specifically one of those times. My family and I went to a farm which does night time haunted things-you have your choice of a haunted corn maze called the Reaping, the Monster Safari which you shoot at Zombies with paint ball guns on a bus, or the Dark Hallows which you start out in the corn maze and work your way into the haunted woods. We chose the last option. Not only is it super cold, but the last week we have had hellacious amounts of rain; fortunately it wasn't raining tonight.

Peacoat: Old Navy. Sweater: Old Navy. Jeans: Source  of Wisdom. Boots: Born Concepts. Necklace: gifted from a friend from Mexico. Purse: Guess
 Bummed that this picture didn't really come out, but you get the point.

  I love love love this coat. Not only is it a fantastic shade of blue, but it is also a fleece rather than wool. Although I will buy wool coats, I am very sensitive to them and prefer other materials. I can't buy sweaters even with the slightest amount of wool other wise I feel like I am going crazy from it being scratchy! This is last seasons, but they still have this years available here in purple, navy, and red.

Anyways, compared to what most people were wearing-think thermal fleece, ski jackets, etc. I think I did pretty good. I love Halloween and haunted houses, I think it comes in a close second next to Christmas for my favorite time of the year. Hopefully I will be able to get in a few more posts before the month is up. Anyone else hitting up some haunted houses this year?

Friday, October 12, 2012

Torrid wishlist

I have been on a shopping ban due to lack of funds, as we know I broke that yesterday by buying shoes  (I rationalize that with myself because they were 40% off in-store and I do not have any shoes like them). 

Here's my new shoes-still available at Torrid. I can't wait to wear them.

The shoes above were originally the ones I really wanted. I normally wear between an 8-9 in shoes. I tried these on in a 9 and they were WAY to big. I ended up finding a pair on display that was an 8, and go figure those ones were to small. The sales associate was trying to convince me to just get the larger size and inserts, but I know myself and in all honesty it's too much of a hassle and I would end up not wearing them. Then I seen the taupe mary janes and loved 'em. Strange though, those ones the 9 fit PERFECT!

These Torrid Booties are on my wish list, I wish they would of had them in store. They are also available in black, but I love cobalt right now. 
  I also feel that I need this rose pattern blazer from Torrid, it is so damn cute! It reminds me of a dress I had in the late 90's, Oh fond memories. 
Torrid has some awesome looking boots right now, but I am so leery of getting another pair of their boots. Last year I bought the Amelia boots and wore them to go clubbing in Seattle, after less than 2 hours of wear my feet wear throbbing and felt like fire. I ended up taking the shoes off and looking at my feet, the balls of both feet had huge blisters- am talking half dollar coin size + that spanned all the way across both of them. I have NEVER had a pair of shoes do that before. What's crazy is I also had socks on that gave some amount of padding. Yeah, so I haven't bought another pair of Torrid boots since. I like Lane Bryant boots, but they seem to just use the same silhouette each year and just had different hardware. 

Lastly I would love to try out  a pair of Harem Pants. I would of a long time ago, but I have never found any locally that I can try on before purchasing...bummer. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Colors of Fall

One of the malls was having a "girls night out" thing going on, so I grabbed my daughter to go to it. It was supposed to be some sample bags handed out, a small meal, stylist...that sort of thing. I was planning on getting there early, but between getting gas and stopping at the bank, I ended up being there just a few minutes before it started and the line was HORRENDOUSLY long! So needless to say, I was so not about to wait in it with a four year old. Anyways, I ended up buying a new pair of shoes and some stockings-that I was not planning on getting, and after my brother met us for dinner.

Shirt: Faded Glory-for $3! Jeans: Lane Bryant. Shoes: Glo Jeans. Earrings: Walmart. Bracelet: Alley Cat
My brother took the above picture when we were at Sears, go figure that he would fail to tell me that my shirt was slightly tucked in after I was fixing my pants.

This shirt reminds me of fall. On side note, I dropped by camera in the gravel right after my daughter took this pic and shattered the LCD screen, so not happy about that-it still works though.
Just curious what do all the other bloggers do with their pictures after they blog them, erase them off the memory cards, store them just the computer, etc? Just curious my memory card is filled, but I tend to just buy a new one every time. Let me know what YOU do with your pictures.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I have wonderful memories of going to the library as a kid. Today I took my daughter, I have a final paper to write so I figured I can get two birds with one stone-she can play and I can get some work done.

Dress: Faded Glory. Blazer: Lane Bryant. Bag: Mondani New York. Shoes: Mossimo Supply CO.  Necklace: Fuego. Belt: Off dress from Lane Bryant. 
My Daughter: Romper: Walmart. Coat: Old Navy. Shoes: Ross

 I love the colors of our outfits, it reminds me of the ocean, specifically Hawaii area.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Glitzy Gold

Movie night with my daughter once again. This time we seen Hotel Transylvania, totally awesome I tell ya. 

 Shirt: Siren Lilly. Coat: Paris Blues.  Skirt:George.  Necklace: Charlotte Russe. Earrings: Old Navy. Shoes: Fioni

 She's always vogueing! Love this outfit, from Gymboree- uber cute.