Friday, October 11, 2013


I know there are some women who are always decked out in heels, or are at least in almost every blog post they do. I however am not one of those people. The older I get the less often I wear heels. Sometimes I find myself choosing to wear my raggedy old flip flops instead of a pair of cute heels that would of actually finished the look off because I want to be more comfortable. The pictures below are one of those days. My daughter and I went to the mall, first to Gymboree to get her some new clothes, then we got lunch, went to Old Navy, and finally on a search for her Halloween costume. She initially wanted to be Princess Jasmine. Of course me wanting to save some money I decided to price around for it. First we went to target and it was $30, next we went to Spirits and it was a whopping $40 (for the exact same costume)! We ended up going to Walmart where they had two versions; one was a shitty $10 one, and the other was very similar to the other one at the other two stores for $17. So after this seemingly endless search for a Princess Jasmine costume, we ended up going with a super cute Bat Girl one. Ha ha ha, kids and making up there minds. Although I really liked the idea of here being Jasmine, I actually thought the one we settled on was cute and not so cheap looking as it tends to go with Halloween costumes. 

Shirt: Fashion Bug. Jeans: Torrid. Bracelet: Walmart. Earrings: I think Old Navy.

Monday, October 7, 2013


My best friend is in town for the first time in six months and I'm so excited! She flew in on Friday, so on Saturday night we decided to hit the town. It was so great seeing her, and we will definitely be doing it again on Friday before she flies out. It was her husband's daughter's 21st birthday, so she's the one that chose where our venues were, and I can't say that they were my type of place (nor my friends). The first place was a sports bar called The Office Bar and Grill on Pacific (which was rather overpriced but had good food at least), and the second was a huge arcade called Dorky's Bar Arcade. They had reasonably priced beer and the games were 25-50 cents, but it was just not my scene. My friend and I wanted to go dancing, so at the end of the night we left the group we were with and attempted to jet over to Emerald Queen Casino to see if we could make it into the club before it closed, and we made it there for the last dance of the night. Ha ha ha, good times. 

Shirt and Velvet Leggings: Fashion Bug. Bracelet: Walmart. Shoes: Payless.  Earring: Old Navy. Purse: Betseyville.