Monday, December 15, 2014

Winter Wonderlands and the Same Pants

 I can't believe it's almost Christmas. Crazy the way time flies. This post today I'm actually wearing the same pair of leggings in all three sets of pictures, which are from three different events. I bought the leggings on Thanksgiving and totally  love them. They were not on sale, but were definitely under $16 and I've pretty much been wearing them nonstop. They are super thick and have a faux leather stripe that runs down the side. They were purchased at Walmart, and I seriously think it's my best buy there ever!

Cardigan and Necklace: Old Navy. Leggings: Walmart: Dress/Tunic: Ross. Boots: Kmart.

The 3 pictures were taken at the North Pole at the Fair event, except the one of my daughter-that was outside the event. I've been getting my daughter's Christmas pictures taken with the same company almost every year since she was born. This year they decided to expand and move to the Puyallup fair grounds. It was pretty awesome. The pictures with Santa are now by reservation and while you are there they have bouncy houses, crafts to color and make tree ornaments, a Lego area, writing letters to Santa, and a snack bar to purchase cookies, hot coco, and scones, among other activities. 

Shirt and Shoes: Kmart. Pants: Walmart. 

The pictures above are from last weekend. I have absolutely no eye makeup on because I had an eye infection that basically caused me to be out of work for a total of 3 days, Yeah, it was that bad. But due to not wanting to contaminate my makeup, I had to forego it. This was at the Festival of Trees in Tacoma. The event is for Mary Bridge Children's Hospital. All proceeds go to there. Basically they have about 60 trees that are auctioned off. The trees are uniquely decorated. I saw several Dr. Suess trees, some SeaHawks themed ones, a Frozen one, and one that was completely decked out as a fairy land. While you view the trees they have troupes of local school aged dancers performing on a stage in the center of the room. They also did photos with Santa Claus. 

Coat and Leggings: Walmart. Boots: Target. 

I LOVED my makeup here...just sayin'. 

These last pictures were taken at the end of November when we went on the Santa train. This was my first time doing the Santa Train through the Northwest Railway Museum.  We had to drive to North Bend. In North Bend you load the old steam train, take about a 20 minute ride to Snoqualmie. Once in Snoqualmie you get to go around the museum (not much to it), see Santa and get a small gift for the kids, and some cookies and hot chocolate. You then board the train for the return trip to North Bend. It was downright freezing! Not only was there some snow, but the wind factor was horrendous and the trains are not heated. We were also stuck there for a while after they loaded everyone due to an issue with the air brake system. The company did issue free passes to return later that are good for one year though.  Anyways, this has been my life for the last 2 weeks, or at least a piece of it, and yes I am wearing the same pants all three times. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Cheshire Cat

This is a look I wore to work about a week ago. I was pretty pleased with it. Talk about purple overload. I bought this cardigan during the Black Friday sales, but this wasn't actually on sale. I didn't care either way as I happened to love it, and it was decently priced anyways. When I look at it, the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland comes to mind. 

Dress and Belt: Lane Bryant. Scarf, Cardigan, and Necklace: Walmart. Tights: Kmart.. Boots: Target.