Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ballet Style

Tonight I attended an event with my aunt and cousin. It was the Paradosi Ballet; which was performing "Commissioned" for the Christmas season. I am not religious, but it was an interesting performance nonetheless. I decided to take the opportunity to get dressed up at bit, and I was freezing since it's currently 19 degrees out. When I got home my daughter came running out to see me, and I had my brother shoot a couple of pictures.

Dress and Belt: Lane Bryant. Blazer: Torrid. Scarf: Walmart. Earrings: Old Navy. Stockings: Kmart. Shoes: TJ Max. Bracelets: Target.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Berry Cold!

Washington has finally received its first snow of the season...and it was COLD. By the time I took these pictures most of it had melted, but the pictures were also taken around 3 pm or so. 

Blazer and Jeans: Torrid. Sweater: Kmart. Shoes: B.O.C. Necklace and Earrings: Old Navy. Glasses: Fossil

So funny thing, I've had this shirt for about a year. This morning I was talking to my Mom while looking in the mirror and noticed that my shirt had pockets! I exclaimed something like "wholly shit, my shirt has pockets!" My Mom looked at me like I was a little nuts, but come on, I just discovered that it has pockets after a year of owning it. 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Tie Dye and Houndstooth

Today I took my daughter to see the new Disney movie Frozen. It was pretty cute, but I'm always a sucker for Disney movies. When I got home, my show was on-The Walking Dead. Let me tell you, I'm so mad that they killed off Hershel! I'm also curious if they killed off the baby or not, but I won't know until next year since this was the mid-season finale. Anyways, it has been so cold that I really haven't  felt like getting dressed and doing anything, but I forced myself today to put a dress on despite the cold and sideways rain. I've had  this dress for 2 years plus, and it has always been a favorite of mine, however I had bought it about a size too big. I'm normally not a tie dye fan, but I did like this pattern; I think because it's not the typical tie dye sort.

Dress: Lane Bryant. Jacket: JCPenny. Shoes: Payless. Purple Necklace: Target. Necklace and Earrings: Icings.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Floral Reptile

I hope anyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had a good one. After eating dinner my brother, daughter, and I all went to do some Black Friday shopping. In terms of the sheer number of people out there, that was ridiculous, but nothing real crazy like what is always being shown on the news. I ended up getting the bulk of my Christmas shopping done, which is such a relief. I did get myself a couple of goodies though (how could I not!)-only a pair of PJs and a scarf set. These pictures are from Wednesday, and obviously I am just now getting around to posting them-they are so far from being quality. The first picture is also before I loosened the curl in my hair up and I can't say that I'm loving it. My earrings though, oh man do I love them. They are a lion's head, with three dangling leaves, and a feather that hangs from the middle leaf AND they match so perfectly with this dress.

 Jacket: Fashion Bug. Dress: Lane Bryant. Shoes: Walmart. Earrings and Necklace: Kmart.

Friday, October 11, 2013


I know there are some women who are always decked out in heels, or are at least in almost every blog post they do. I however am not one of those people. The older I get the less often I wear heels. Sometimes I find myself choosing to wear my raggedy old flip flops instead of a pair of cute heels that would of actually finished the look off because I want to be more comfortable. The pictures below are one of those days. My daughter and I went to the mall, first to Gymboree to get her some new clothes, then we got lunch, went to Old Navy, and finally on a search for her Halloween costume. She initially wanted to be Princess Jasmine. Of course me wanting to save some money I decided to price around for it. First we went to target and it was $30, next we went to Spirits and it was a whopping $40 (for the exact same costume)! We ended up going to Walmart where they had two versions; one was a shitty $10 one, and the other was very similar to the other one at the other two stores for $17. So after this seemingly endless search for a Princess Jasmine costume, we ended up going with a super cute Bat Girl one. Ha ha ha, kids and making up there minds. Although I really liked the idea of here being Jasmine, I actually thought the one we settled on was cute and not so cheap looking as it tends to go with Halloween costumes. 

Shirt: Fashion Bug. Jeans: Torrid. Bracelet: Walmart. Earrings: I think Old Navy.

Monday, October 7, 2013


My best friend is in town for the first time in six months and I'm so excited! She flew in on Friday, so on Saturday night we decided to hit the town. It was so great seeing her, and we will definitely be doing it again on Friday before she flies out. It was her husband's daughter's 21st birthday, so she's the one that chose where our venues were, and I can't say that they were my type of place (nor my friends). The first place was a sports bar called The Office Bar and Grill on Pacific (which was rather overpriced but had good food at least), and the second was a huge arcade called Dorky's Bar Arcade. They had reasonably priced beer and the games were 25-50 cents, but it was just not my scene. My friend and I wanted to go dancing, so at the end of the night we left the group we were with and attempted to jet over to Emerald Queen Casino to see if we could make it into the club before it closed, and we made it there for the last dance of the night. Ha ha ha, good times. 

Shirt and Velvet Leggings: Fashion Bug. Bracelet: Walmart. Shoes: Payless.  Earring: Old Navy. Purse: Betseyville.

Sunday, September 29, 2013


I'm super late on my Marvelous Monday post. I had actually worn the outfit and taken the pictures on Wednesday, and of course it's not being posted until today. Uh, such a procrastinator, well that, and as I had previously mentioned my computer is having issues reading my memory card. This last Monday's challenge was to layer clothing. I really liked this look, but kind of wish I had belted it. I had initially planned on wearing a fur vest with this sweater but ended up putting the button up on underneath. This challenge couldn't of come at a better time, because it has been rather chilly here.
And how super cute is this bow necklace?! I've been seeing them everywhere and finally broke down and purchased one. This is probably my fifth time wearing it.

Sweater: Lane Bryant. Button up shirt: Kmart. Pants: Torrid. Shoes and Bracelet: Fashion Bug. Earrings: Old Navy. Necklace: Wet Seal.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dress and Boots

Oh man, I've been a bad blogger. Here's an outfit from my friend's son's birthday a few weeks ago. This was one of those odd sort of weather days. When my daughter and I left the house it was rather cold, but by the time we reached the party it was hot and muggy out while still being overcast. I'm not particularly fond of this purse with the outfit, but I was running late and didn't have time to switch. I also should of hiked my boots up since they are clearly slipping down. This is one of my favorite dresses, but it is not going to be in rotation too much longer. After the party ended I snagged to heck out of it.

Dress: Old Navy. Boots: Lane Bryant. Purse: MMS. Jewelry: Icings

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Minimalist Marvelous Monday

So this is my Marvelous Monday post, and yes I know it's super late but my computer wasn't registering my memory card. This weeks theme was minimalism. My daughter's birthday is tomorrow, so this picture is from Monday when we went to pick out her cake for her birthday party this weekend.  Be sure to check out the other participants, links are provided below. 

Dress and Shoes: Fashion Bug. Belt: Target. Necklace: Wet Seal.

The picture below is much later in the night when my daughter and I went out give our goats their nightly feeding. By this point, the belt and heels are off and my hairs pulled back. The goats are Billy and Bob, they are about 4 month old Boer goats. We love these guys, they are absolutely adorable and hilarious to watch.

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summer Black

I had a crazy long day today. I took my daughter to the children's museum, next we visited a botanical garden, then a park and playground, and lastly an outdoor movie at another local park/recreation center. I am so super exhausted at this point. Did I mention that all of that was free too? Both the museum and the garden do ask for donations, and the outdoor movie was a free community event. Oh, and it was frying out today. Even though I was wearing primarily black I actually stayed relatively cool in this outfit.

Top: Fashion Bug. Leggings: Ross. Purse: MMS. Flip Flops: Walmart. Earrings: Old Navy. Necklace: Fuego.

The Children's Museum:

Outside of the botanical garden:

Watching the outside movie "The Great Outdoors"

Monday, August 5, 2013


 Marvelous Monday strikes again. This week's challenge was neon. I own hardly any neon, a couple of purses and one tee, that's it. This shirt and the purse are a little brighter than they came out in the picture. Don't forget to check out the other ladies' looks, links will be posted at the bottom. The clutch I bought from target on clearance for under $10, it's apparently on Amazon for almost $50. 

Tee: Old Navy. Pants: Torrid. Shoes: Charlotte Russe. Purse: Prabal Gurung for Target. Necklace: Fuego.

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Baring it on Marvelous Monday

It's Marvelous Monday again. This weeks theme is bare arms and/or bare legs. I have no problem with the arms, the legs is quite another story though; much above the knee and I'm not wearing it.

Dress: Lane Bryant. Shoes: Fioni. Bracelet: Icing. Glasses: Fossil.

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Airy Cold Shoulder

 Today my friend and I took our daughter's for a play date at a playground, afterwards we went to a Mexican restaurant and got blackberry margaritas and something for the kids to snack on. It was pretty warm out so I made sure to wear something nice and airy so I wouldn't be sweating all over. This dress is especially nice because it has the cold shoulder slit going on. When it's hot out I never feel like dealing with too many accessories, so I don't; just a pair of fish earrings and called it good. The building and decor of the restaurant was so cool looking that I wish I would of taken some pictures there besides the one of me and my friend and my daughter. I definitely will be going to El Toro again sometime because the blackberry margarita was delicious!

 Dress: Walmart. Shoes: Payless. Earrings: Fashion Bug

Monday, July 15, 2013

Marvelous Monday-Statement Jewelry

Statement Jewelry was the theme for this week's edition of Marvelous Monday. Today I took my daughter to swimming lessons, on the way home we made a stop at Walmart to get some groceries and she picked out some new clothes, then we did take out for dinner at a sushi restaurant. Tonight I'm bringing her to a local church for vacation Bible school, despite the fact that I'm an Atheist, but I think she will probably enjoy it. And somewhere in this time I have to find some time to squeeze in some studying. Be sure to check out the Marvelous Monday participants, their links will be provided at the bottom.

Dress and Belt: Lane Bryant. Shoes, Earrings and both necklaces: Target.

 This is one of my favorite dresses that I own; the material is nice and I'm always such a sucker for animal print. Normally this is a dress that I pair with either black or blue, but I decided to go with silver for the most part this time around. And of course since this challenge was statement jewelry I went with one of my favorite pair of earrings (I have lots of earrings, but only 3 pairs do I consider my absolute faves) and my favorite necklace, which is the floral one. I added on the long chain necklace to up the drama of the outfit, though I rarely wear more than one necklace at a time, I actually rather like this combination.

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Color Purple

Oh man I am so late on my Marvelous Monday post. This weeks theme was our favorite color. My favorite is purple, and all shades of it ranging from lilac, lavender, to plum. I chose to wear one of my favorite dresses, the only issue is that it is a little big and I need it taken in through the upper waist and bust; one of these days I will get around to it. I've worn this dress on the blog before which can be viewed here. Links for the other ladies' blogs are posted at the bottom.

Dress: Lane Bryant. Shoes, Necklace: Target. Bracelets: Walmart.

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