Monday, April 30, 2012

Dreaming of Summer

The weather has been less than fantastic here, then again I live in Washington and of course we have massive amounts of rain. Just for this fact I try not to let the weather stop me from wearing what I want, otherwise it would be a lot of sweat pants and golashes; that was kind of a joke because I really don't own either. Anyways, today was my only day off so I took my daughter to see the movie Pirates since she has been bugging me about seeing it.

The dress I got at Ross, a cheap find, I love it though. I know it's a little loud for some people, but that is part of my attraction to it. The shoes are wedges from Target, and the bag is Glo from Kmart.

A little closer up, this cardigan is from Target and still available. The earrings are a layered turquoise and silver design which I believe I had got from Fashion Bug.

Cheri'z Angel

Friday, April 27, 2012


No clothing post today, hopefully sometime in the next week since I went shopping today, and got some new stuff. But I will share the new purses I got. I was in dire need of some new ones. 3 new ones actually, and it came real close to being overboard since there were SO MANY that I was loving. Anyways here are my 3 new ones.

Unfortunately the coloring of the bags is off in pretty much all of the pics, especially the lilac Guess one. The top two purses are Guess and the bottom metallic pink bag is Kathy Van Zeeland.  It was so hard to limit down. There was this Super cute neon green Guess bag that I almost got too, but I had to stop myself since I already spent a grip of $$$. I also came close to buying a huge turquoise and pink floral Bettysville purse, but decided against it since the last one I purchased I had issues with pretty much right off the bat. 

Cheri'z Angel

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Another Year Older

Yesterday was my birthday, 26 to be exact. Another friend of mine had her birthday earlier in the week so we both celebrated together yesterday. pretty good time. Went to dinner and then a dueling piano bar, which was kind of odd, having never been to one before.

The necklace I purchased at Target, it's old I got it for Christmas about a year ago. It's one of my favorites that I have however. The black rose cuff is from Walmart, and the red glass bead bracelet is from House of Key. House of Key is actually a Chinese restaurant that sells some items on the side; but you can get bracelets with very similar looks almost anywhere. Hallmark carries them as a matter of fact, for something like $10. 

This is a very Torrid heavy outfit, but what can I say I love Torrid, and who doesn't for that matter. The blazer and shirt are torrid. I love this tube top, it's actually even prettier in person. The pants are Source of Wisdom from Torrid. I know I talked about these pants before. Definitely go down a size in them. These are a new pair that I bought one size down from what my normal size is but they are still loose. The red wedges are faux suede by Glo Jeans which I purchased at Kmart.

A little bit closer up of the jewelry.

Just one last pic. The earring are Guess. Guess is one of my favorite brands for shoes, bags, and earrings. I have found that Guess products that I have bought tend to be very durable, which is always a plus in my book.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Saint Patty's Day Green

This is not a new outfit by any means, it is actually from Saint Patrick's Day, but I still love the outfit none the less, and decided I would share it anyways. 

I decided to snip the pic down to maintain the privacy of one of my friends. This is definitely one of my favorite shirts. I actually bought it at Kmart, it's glitzy but has the comfort of a regular tee shirt.
The crop pants were actually not originally crop pants, but I had torn the bottom of them really bad when they got caught on something, and decided to just cut and hem them rather than throwing them out. I am glad I did, because I actually like them better now than the way they were in the first place. The pants are from Fashion Bug from I think last spring. The shoes are Brash from Payless (currently one of my favorite pairs as well).

The purse is Guess, once again another old bag of mine, but I LOVE IT. This picture does it no justice either. My Birthday is actually this Saturday, and I think I need to amp up my bag game, it's been awhile since I have invested in any new ones, so that may be on my list of things to get.

One last pic, this bracelet is from Walmart, and I got it on clearance for about $2. I do like the bracelet, but in forethought I am not sure if I like it with this outfit. The jacket I was wearing was blue so I was trying to tie it in together with the rest of the outfit through the bracelet, whatever though. This necklace I love, it was a gift from my cousin when I had my daughter, a clover leaf, which of course was fitting to wear for Saint Patty's (my daughter is not a Saint Patty baby, just for clarification.
Anyways till next time, and hopefully I will get some followers
Cheri'z Angel

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Today was a rather uneventful day. Went to work and the mall, which was about it. But anyways lets' get to the good stuff...clothes! Unfortunately I was taking these pictures myself, clearly in dressing rooms, so they are kinda crappy, but I guess they work.

Obviously I am at target in this picture, and I did buy that peacock sort of sheer coral colored blouse. The blazer I am wearing is by Lane Bryant; it's exactly the same as the green one I featured in my first post. Just for reference, Lane Bryant sells this particular blazer as 'rouge red', clearly it is not any sort of red in the least.It is definitely a coral with a slight pinkish tone. Coral is a spring/summer color I have been in love with for the past couple years.

The shirt is Just My Size, which I purchased at Walmart for something like $7 (gotta love cheap finds). Normally I hate the hokey sort of prints that Walmart shirts have; however I love the Cherry Blossom print, regardless of what it is on. The pants I am wearing are Source of Wisdom from Torrid. I really like these pants, they are fairly thick and durable, and SUPER stretchy, that being said, I should of tried them on before purchasing them, because I really should and would of went a size down. Good thing I know now, because I just ordered a new pair, and was able to get them in short online, which unfortunately my local Torrid does not always carry.  The shoes are from Target, Mossimo. These are awesome boots, they are slightly pointed toe wedges, and they can either fold down to have a visible fur lining, or you can have them pushed up to go farther up the calf giving a completely different look. 

The locket is from Walmart, once again another cheap find. I refuse to pay a huge amount of money for costume jewelry. 

Cheri'z Angel

Monday, April 16, 2012

So this is my first blog post EVER! But it seems like it may be a fun new adventure to try out, knock something off my bucket list. ; ). Anyways, I went to see Cabin in the Woods last night, which was awesome by the way (although I am a total horror movie fanatic so I may be a little biased), but here is my outfit that I wore to the movies.

I am absolutely loving blazers right now, especially bright colored ones, I am seeing many more in my future. And of course wedges are one of my all time staples.

Outfit details: Green blazer by Lane Bryant:
Floral dress is by Lane Bryant as well. This dress is great, it is very versatile since it can be dressed up or down.
The shoes are by Brash which I purchased at Payless. They are a faux suede and even though they are not wide width, they can easily accommodate any foot width since they lace up.
Even though none of these are really visible in the pics, I will give the detes on em anyways. The bag is Guess, super old. I have had it for about 3 years and this bag has taken some beatings let me tell you, but it is still going strong (which is exactly why I love Guess bags). The earrings are from Old Navy and the Rose crystal necklace is from Feugo.