Monday, October 7, 2013


My best friend is in town for the first time in six months and I'm so excited! She flew in on Friday, so on Saturday night we decided to hit the town. It was so great seeing her, and we will definitely be doing it again on Friday before she flies out. It was her husband's daughter's 21st birthday, so she's the one that chose where our venues were, and I can't say that they were my type of place (nor my friends). The first place was a sports bar called The Office Bar and Grill on Pacific (which was rather overpriced but had good food at least), and the second was a huge arcade called Dorky's Bar Arcade. They had reasonably priced beer and the games were 25-50 cents, but it was just not my scene. My friend and I wanted to go dancing, so at the end of the night we left the group we were with and attempted to jet over to Emerald Queen Casino to see if we could make it into the club before it closed, and we made it there for the last dance of the night. Ha ha ha, good times. 

Shirt and Velvet Leggings: Fashion Bug. Bracelet: Walmart. Shoes: Payless.  Earring: Old Navy. Purse: Betseyville.