Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Good Day Among Hell

I have really been wanting to blog more often, but recently I just can't seem to find the energy. I feel like I'm in some sort of rut. The job I'm working at absolutely sucks. I'm already scheduled for a duration of 9 hours a day, and then have to put in an additional hour of mandatory overtime (and they still push for more); top that off with a one hour commute each way and I'm already looking at being away from home for 12 hours every single day. I never have two days off in a row which in someways is beneficial in that it breaks up the work week, but at the same time it never really feels like the week is over. I also had surgery last month to remove my gallbladder. I've been having issues with my gallbladder for 3 years; after the last gallbladder attack I couldn't take it anymore and finally went in for medical attention since each attack was progressively getting worse. I ended up missing a day of work due to being in the emergency room until four in the morning and then a few days later had my initial consultation with the surgeon which was in the middle of the day. I made a point of getting letters from the doctors to show that I was not just missing work for the hell of it. This place actually made me make up the 11 hours missed in the two days before that week was up (which I was also scheduled for my regular shifts both days as well), mind you, I am not salaried so I really do not see any reason for this. 

This is not just me taking issue with the company either. They have a ridiculously low employee retention rate, just an example: the training group that started at the same time as me, there is only four of us left out of 17. They basically lied what the pay would be. The job consists of getting screamed at a good portion of the day by irate customers who a) don't know how to pay their bills or b) got shafted by the company (or so they feel because they didn't read the contracts).  I only took the job due to the fact that I needed one, but I'm feeling lost since I have a college education, but yet am working a menial job. I'm earning a lower pay rate than I ever have. I know that this is a problem all over the nation, but I'm feeling very discouraged at this time. 

These pictures are from almost two weeks ago . This is my sort of everyday wear as of recently. I took my daughter to the water front before I returned to work from my surgery. We walked the boardwalks, went to the Chinese Reconciliation Park, picnicked on the beach, and ended the day with a trip to the B&I for ice cream, video games and a look in the pet shop. It was a very enjoyable day; and then I had to return to the hell that is my job.  

Cardigan: Old Navy. Sequin Tee: Walmart. Jeans: Old Navy. Purse: TJ Maxx

It was raining on the way there, but the sun came out and there were seriously rainbows EVERYWHERE! It was super gorgeous. 


  1. It would suck to be away from such a sweet face for so many hours a day.

  2. Aww I'm sorry to hear that you have had problems with your gallbladder. I know the feeling as I had problems with it for years and years. I finally had it removed in 2010 and that was the best I've done. Is that a chance for you to have it removed?

    I also know how it is to have a job where you are not being appreciated and underpaid. I also have an education, but working with something different. It sucks! But my hubby says to me that I just have to try and look it as I do have a job and we have two incomes so I guess that is what counts. Your daughter is such a cutey by the way. xx

    1. I did have it removed and totally agree that it what definitely the best thing to do. I actually ate chicken thighs for the first time in several years without getting super ill afterwards.

      It's hard out there with the jobs that are available. I'm hoping something different comes available soon though because I really do not enjoy what I'm doing right now.