Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Orlando Part 3

Day five of Orlando we had went to Disney World Hollywood Studios. Now everyday of our trip it had rained, until this day. This day was miserably hot and not a cloud in the sky. Hollywood Studios seems to not have any shade whatsoever. My child was not happy, and we really didn't stay long. Basically we walked around, ate somewhere, walked around a little bit more and she was fed up. We ended up going back to the hotel and swimming. Once it cooled down some, I asked her if she wanted to go back here, or to Magic Kingdom, she chose Magic Kingdom. We ate lunch at a restaurant called the 50's Prime Time Cafe. Like the name implies it has a 50's theme and is covered in old televisions broadcasting old TV shows, the wait staff refer to it as Mom's, and it has traditional home cooked style food: pot roast, meatloaf, fried chicken. I got the chicken pot pie, which was very good. I believe our waiters name was Joey, and he was absolutely hilarious! At one point towards the end of our meal he comes up and tells my daughter she needs to finish her pasta if she wanted her dessert. He actually picked up her spoon and started making airplane noises like people do with babies, and tried to feed her. All the people at the tables surrounding us were hysterical, as was I; although, I don't think my daughter could of been any more embarrassed. Not only was he funny, but he also provided great service, even getting us drinks to go, which I think a lot of restaurants don't readily offer.

Shirt: Kmart, Shorts: Walmart

Our sixth and seventh day was spent at Universal Studios. It was fun, but the lines were so ridiculously long on pretty much everything. Universal does have an express pass you can buy, but it's really expensive. I had looked into it the second day we spent there, and it would of been $150/person (that in addition to what I already paid for the park entrace, which I find to just be so unreasonable. Universal Studios has an area that is targeted at children and has a huge spray park and play area, along with some rides that my daughter thoroughly enjoyed. She of course also really liked the Simpson's area. We made our way around the park and pretty much ended the first night at Diagon Alley. I ended up buying her an interactive Harry Potter wand. It's pretty cool, you can walk up to different fixtures and do a movement and make things react to what you're doing. We didn't actually make it on either of the Harry Potter rides or Despicable Me due to the horrendous waits. The second day there was really only one more thing I wanted to do at Universal before heading over to Adventure Island and that was the Beetle Juice Monster Mash up. We sit down to watch the show, Beetle Juice comes out and is hyping up the crowd. It starts to rain and all of a sudden he yells "you guys are coming back to the 2:00 show?!" and the crowd yells yeah, then he just walks off stage. I thought this had to be a joke, nope. Right after, someone on an intercom tells us they are cancelling the show due to rain. We still hadn't been over to Adventure Island, and that's where we were going to head to once his show was over and couldn't really wait for the next showing. I think my favorite part of Adventure Island was the Jurassic Park area and the Dr. Seuss areas.

Doing Magic at Diagon Alley

Waiting for the Beetle Juice Show

That's my little thrill seeker way up on that ride, I have limits and this was one of them!

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