Thursday, December 6, 2012

Not fatshion, but fun

This isn't really a fashion post, but just an exhibit we went to tonight. It's called Zoo Lights, which is at Point Defiance Zoo. So much fun. I've worn all the pieces before and wasn't really going for anything fashionable. Except for the cheetah jeans, those are new and my first time wearing them-I am hoping to do a more dressed up look with them soon. Enjoy the pics, and if you are ever in the area from the end of November to January 1st, Zoo Lights is a must.

The antique carousel built in 1917. Only $1 per ride.

Even though I have been to this zoo many times, this was the first time I ever noticed this lover's tub and the mural behind it.


This is a light creation of the Narrows Bridge and Mount Rainier.

Ick, I need a better camera.

So cute! There was two of them and they were some rambunctious little shits. Unfortunately the zoo had to just recently put down one of their male Sumatran tigers who was elderly and suffering from kidney disease.


  1. Looks like you had a ton of fun. What area are you in again?