Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Subtly Striped

 These very well could be some of the worst pictures I've posted on my blog-but oh well. Today I caught up with a friend of mine that I haven't seen in something crazy like 6 months. It was a last minute thing, that we decided to have coffee, which then ended with dinner. Fun times, I've missed her. I threw this outfit together, dashed out the door, and snapped some quick pics before going to meet her. We also made a pit stop at Sally's Beauty Supply. I bought a Femme Couture eye shadow palette. I am not sure how much it was originally but it said it was marked down to $8 and some change, but when I got to the counter it was less than $5,  talk about score! I can't wait to try it out.

Leggings: French Laundry. Shirt: Fashion Bug. Shoes: Torrid. Belt: Lane Bryant.

Cute snowman cookie at Starbucks

I swear I wasn't doing the running man here; I was a little confused with the auto timer in this one and I am not sure what really happened , ha ha.

I am so in love with these leggings! And my daughter's sequined harm pants, even though they are a wee bit too big. 

Happy 2013! Hopefully I can get my NYE post up soon.


  1. Wow, you hardly ever get diagonal stripes on tops, but it looks really good. Also, a little obsessed with those shoes, they're beautiful.

    1. Yes the shoes are beautiful and = death for my feet! True story!