Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Black and Gold

This was one of those days where despite the fact that I own a million clothes I couldn't find anything to wear. I seriously changed 3 times, which is something I never do. Third times the charm though, I was happy with this selection. The night consisted of going to two different bars, the Melting Pot-which is a fondue restaurant, and then a third bar. Such an incredibly long night. Fortunately I paced myself with drinking and didn't end up sloshed like some of the others in my group, lol. They didn't have to drive so they were all good. 

Dress: Leggings: Walmart. Necklace: Old Navy. Boots: Torrid.

This dress is so much more awesome than it appears in these pictures. It has a sort of bat wing that goes all the way to the bottom of the dress, and the gold sequins actually lines the whole side, despite that it doesn't show up in any of the pictures. I was so mad too, I had a super cute pair of black and gold earrings that I was going to wear, and go figure I forgot to put them on!

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