Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dreaming of Spring...and Dresses

It's been a while since my last post...damn the flu. Since spring is looming only shortly away, it gets me thinking about dresses; which I love. I decided to do a post on dresses I have recently viewed online while window shopping-or rather screen shopping anyways.

Although I am trying really hard not to buy anything, I have seriously contemplated the one above. Can be purchased here.

This one is gorgeous, and perfect for V-day. Can be purchased here.

I love this one, I know a lot of people are not fans of floral, but I always will be. Can be purchased here.

Although this is not a traditional spring type coloring or pattern, it was a very flowy feel, perfect for spring. Can be purchased here.

Another perfect dress for V-day, simply beautiful. Can be purchased here.

I love Baroque, it classic, ellegant...timeless. Can be purchased here.

This dress is like ones I have seen at Cherry Velvet, but cheaper priced. Can be purchased here.
Galaxy trend, and I love purple. Can be purchased here.

Speaking of cherry Velvet, how awesome is this dress. Love-except that I know something like this wouldn't get a huge amount of use in my wardrobe and couldn't bring myself to pay that much for it. Can be purchased here,

Last, but not least, houndstooth peplum. And I did already purchase this one. For $19.88 and 96 cent shipping I couldn't pass it up. And guess's from WALMART!  Since I now own this dress I will review it, hopefully sometime soon I will have a full post on it. I ordered the 4X just to be safe, and it was a good thing I did. This brand a 4X is a 22-24, it is stretchy, but had I ordered a 3x, that would of been down right tight. I noticed-after I ordered- that some of the online reviews complained about this. The color is also not a true white, some reviews said tan, but I wouldn't go that far; it's just more of an off-white. Last, and this is my fault, I thought the peplum went all the way around, it does not-as you can see if you look close to the photo above, so I was a little shocked when I got it. Besides these little issues, I actually like the dress and the price is unbeatable, especially when I have seen dresses similar and not really of better quality running up to $100.

Obviously I am drawn to prints. But hey, they are FABULOUS.


  1. I think I love the green polka dot one the cute is that. Sorry you're not feeling well. I'm going to the doc today myself, I have a cough going on three weeks and I'm sick of it!

    1. Thanks, this cold or flu whatever it is has definitely been long lasting and incredibly irritating. I really like the green one too, to bad I couldn't find a much cheaper version!