Monday, June 10, 2013

All Mixed Up

It's Marvelous Monday yet again and today's theme was pattern mixing. Today wasn't super eventful, but I did go see a matinee showing of The Purge. As far as this outfit goes, I had initially planned a different one, but never got around to doing I had to deviate from my intentions. I generally do not like pattern mixing unless the items are in the same color pallet or neutrals because I feel it starts to look to messy and unintentional. This one isn't super out-there, but it does include floral, polka dots, snakeskin, another sort of animal stripe, and tortoise print.

Dress and Purse: Lane Bryant. Shoes: Payless. Necklace and Cuff: Fashion Bug.

I just bought this dress at Lane Bryant; I recently received $40 worth of credit card rewards so despite the fact that I am trying to not buy anything it's like free money. I was very unimpressed with their selection this time around. After awhile of walking around the store I seen this dress in the clearance selection, last one and in my size. It was originally $70, but the clearance was 40% off the lowest marked price, and then there was an additional 25% store-wide off, so I ended up paying $27 for it. Not a bad deal at all!
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  1. The dress is adorable and looks fantastic on you! And I love that you coupled it with polka-dot wedges. All in all, it's a great look. :)

  2. You look great! How was the Purge?

    1. It was pretty good actually, a little predictable, but I liked it still.

  3. Girl that dress is soooo pretty! I LOVE it! Great find hunni and you look awesome!

  4. That dress is beautiful and such a happy, summery colour. Love!

  5. Great dress, I love how you worked within the same colour palette. Your wedges are very cute.

  6. I like how you mixed prints with accessories so that it wouldn't look too crazy and I think it really worked! That dress looks great and you and wow what a great deal, I always think things like that mean that it was meant for you! :)


  7. Pretty dress! Looks great on you! The wedges are perfect with this dress!


  8. That dress is so cute, I love the color!

  9. I really like that dress! The color and shape are so cute. I love florals mixed with polka dots or stripes. xo