Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Minimalist Marvelous Monday

So this is my Marvelous Monday post, and yes I know it's super late but my computer wasn't registering my memory card. This weeks theme was minimalism. My daughter's birthday is tomorrow, so this picture is from Monday when we went to pick out her cake for her birthday party this weekend.  Be sure to check out the other participants, links are provided below. 

Dress and Shoes: Fashion Bug. Belt: Target. Necklace: Wet Seal.

The picture below is much later in the night when my daughter and I went out give our goats their nightly feeding. By this point, the belt and heels are off and my hairs pulled back. The goats are Billy and Bob, they are about 4 month old Boer goats. We love these guys, they are absolutely adorable and hilarious to watch.

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  1. Oh man, goats are so cute! They seem like they'd be tough to care for, but SO CUTE.
    Speaking of cute: that's what this outfit is!

  2. Thanks! Goats aren't too bad at taking care of, and they are super adorable. Frisky little buggers too.

  3. Loving the dress and shoes! The goats are super cute. I hope your daughter has a great birthday.

    Just me Leah

  4. you looking very cute darling - this safari look is so alive and awesome - I know its supposed to be minimal but surely does make a loud it! Those goats, super cute :)

  5. The dress and shoes are lovely!!
    For more combos