Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summer Black

I had a crazy long day today. I took my daughter to the children's museum, next we visited a botanical garden, then a park and playground, and lastly an outdoor movie at another local park/recreation center. I am so super exhausted at this point. Did I mention that all of that was free too? Both the museum and the garden do ask for donations, and the outdoor movie was a free community event. Oh, and it was frying out today. Even though I was wearing primarily black I actually stayed relatively cool in this outfit.

Top: Fashion Bug. Leggings: Ross. Purse: MMS. Flip Flops: Walmart. Earrings: Old Navy. Necklace: Fuego.

The Children's Museum:

Outside of the botanical garden:

Watching the outside movie "The Great Outdoors"


  1. Your daughter is gorgeous! Those curls! She looks just like you.

  2. You and your daughter have the same gorgeous smile. And I love free events!

  3. Oh sounds like so much fun, who doesn't love free events. I'm sure your daughter had a blast at all those great things. I love the leggings and I wear black during the summer a lot too, but I think it depends on what kind of black because it can be cool in black too! hehe :)


  4. Love BOTH of your looks. Your daughter is too cute!

  5. Yes, great minds think alike with the animal print leggings! I love yours and the top is so pretty.