Sunday, September 29, 2013


I'm super late on my Marvelous Monday post. I had actually worn the outfit and taken the pictures on Wednesday, and of course it's not being posted until today. Uh, such a procrastinator, well that, and as I had previously mentioned my computer is having issues reading my memory card. This last Monday's challenge was to layer clothing. I really liked this look, but kind of wish I had belted it. I had initially planned on wearing a fur vest with this sweater but ended up putting the button up on underneath. This challenge couldn't of come at a better time, because it has been rather chilly here.
And how super cute is this bow necklace?! I've been seeing them everywhere and finally broke down and purchased one. This is probably my fifth time wearing it.

Sweater: Lane Bryant. Button up shirt: Kmart. Pants: Torrid. Shoes and Bracelet: Fashion Bug. Earrings: Old Navy. Necklace: Wet Seal.

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  1. Ooooh, I love. I wish I could layer more here, but I'd die of heat exhaustion!

    1. Thank you. Yeah, we have the opposite issue, nonstop cold rain until we hit the summer.

  2. I'm LOVING your make up in this post. Gorgeous!

  3. Im loving the metallic sweater, really spiced up your outfit :)