Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Kimono Pansies

 These pictures are from a few days ago when I went shopping with my daughter. It was kind of shitty weather and these pictures aren't that great either. I also would like to point out that if my dress looks a little off, that would be because it is. I bought it way too big and tied it a little too tight to compensate causing it to ruffle strangely in the front. I love the material and pattern of this kimono dress as it is absolutely gorgeous, however when I ordered it I was not aware that it was a two way sort of wrap dress that is meant to be loose; this of course really effects the sizing as I had ordered too big not realizing how Asos runs. One other small complaint about this dress is that I do feel slightly awkward when wearing it because it does have a little bit of a robe-y sort of feel, the material is just so dang pretty though!
Now as far as the shoes, this was my first time wearing them and after shopping for about 2 hours or so, they jacked my feet up. I'm not too concerned since most heels that I buy do end up with that effect after the first couple of wears, but damn it hurts until they are broken in. These shoes also bled the dye on my feet. Not a super big deal, but I was a little shocked.I did like how the color of the shoes tied in nicely with the color of the pansies.

Dress: Asos curve. Shoes: Lane Bryant. Necklace: Mexico.


  1. I love this outfit! The dress is super chic and your little girl is adorable. I love the fun poses too.

  2. Girl I LOVE that dress!!!! So fab doll!

  3. The material really is beautiful, i love the print, its so pretty and I don't think it looks bad. But maybe you can get it altered at a tailor. But yeah the shoes are really cute, sad to hear the color bled, the color is so pretty.


    1. Thanks. I'm going to need to do something with the dress. After about 3 wears I washed it in the washer on gentle cycle and the whole seaming on the sleeve frayed and fell apart. It would be a shame to part with such lovely material, maybe I can find someone to restructure it or something.