Sunday, July 6, 2014

Independence Day Wedding Style

Hope everyone had an incredible Fourth of July, I know I did. My cousin got married so our normal celebration did not happen, but it certainly didn't take away from the day. She had her wedding on a private island called Herron Island in the Puget Sound, so my daughter and I started our day around 8 am to get ready and then a drive that was over an hour long to get to the ferry. From there we had a little boat ride and arrived. This was literally like an all day reception! We played on the beach, ate, some partook in drinks, and then watched the ceremony. It was really beautiful. My cousin's theme (besides Independence Day) was pinup girl style, so I thought this dress would be fitting. The first couple pictures are from earlier in the morning when it was still a bit chilly, but oh man did it warm up! I know I showed this dress only a couple of posts ago, but oh well. One difference was that I styled it with green jewelry this time and wore flip flops (everyone was in flip flops at the wedding, including the bridal party, so I wasn't out of place). 

Dress: Torrid. Cardigan: Fashion Bug. Earrings: Old Navy. Necklace: Walmart. Sun Glasses: Foster Grant

Had to include this one of my cousin, she looked amazing!

My baby showing off seashells she found.

Super forward deer that had no problem coming right up to people.


  1. You look fantastic! It sounds like a brilliant day.

  2. great pictures, u look gorgeous !!

  3. Beautiful, I always agonise over what to wear to a wedding, love the colours in the black!

    1. I totally get that. It can be difficult, especially if they aren't indicating what kind of wedding it is. This wedding I was actually over dressed compared to most of the other guests.