Sunday, August 17, 2014

Zombie Chic

Yesterday was my little brother's 21st birthday. Even though I had plans to go out with him, I certainly didn't make it that far. I worked all day and made it to dinner at least. We went to Bob's Burgers and Brews. The burger I got was pretty good, honey mustard chicken which I added cheddar and avocado onto. The outfit I wore I was pretty pleased with, but kind of wish I would of put a pair of black jeans with it instead of the velvet leggings. I'm a huge fan of horror movies, so of course I love Walking Dead. I found this Walking Dead shirt in the men's section at Walmart for $3! Men's shirts are shaped a bit different than most women's tees, and I always hate how they do the necklines. Since I only paid $3 for the tee I decided to hack off the neck and make it off the shoulder. Oh, and these boots are definitely my new love interest. I got them a couple of days ago from Target, I want to say I paid about $35 for them. They are relatively comfortable; I'm sure it'll get better once they are stretched out some. I got ridiculous amounts of compliments on them at work.  If it wasn't so hot out I think a leather coat would look cute with this, but that would of just made it unbearable in this heat.

Shirt and Bracelet: Walmart. Leggings: Fashion Bug. Boots: Target. Necklace: Fuego. Sunglasses and Earrings: Old Navy.


  1. Not only are you adorable, but your daughter's outfit is too!

  2. I love the shirt, and The Walking Dead. I cut the tops off my tees as well. :)