Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Garnier Color Styler: Pink Pop Review

Two weeks ago I had dyed my hair. It was really not something that was planned, but as I mentioned before, I impulsively bought a bottle of Garnier Color Styler in Pop Pink. This normally retails for around $8, but I got mine for $3.50. It is supposed to be temporary and washes out in 2-3 washes. Unlike most dyes, this type coats your hair in a clay based pigment that you apply to dry hair and do not rinse afterwards. Once the dye dries, the color does not bleed or transfer onto anything. Even though it says it washes out after a few washes, mine has taken longer and that may be due to the ends of my hair being drier and damaged. While I do like the fact that it's easy to apply, very vibrant in color, and is only temporary with no transfer of product after the initial application, there are something that I do not like about it. One being that it is taking more that a few washes to come out of my hair, but more so than that is the fact that this stuff will temporarily change the texture of your hair. During the duration of having the product in, my hair gets tangled extremely easy. Really, it's more like matting than tangles and I have to constantly brush it in order for my hair to not look like a rat's nest. The areas with the pink seem to cling together and I can only figure that it is due to the clay base. I've also used a lot of oil based serums in my hair to try to prevent frizz, tangling, and to add some shine since this does dull the hair a bit.  Overall though, I would still recommend this as a quick, fun change with no commitment. Below I'm posting pictures from the last two weeks and how the color has faded. 

First night.

Day 3 (the color of course is a bit off in this picture)

About one week mark

Week 1 1/2

Taken last night (2 weeks)


  1. It's so pretty in the first photo, but you can see your hair looks a bit different in texture. It definitely looks fun for a special occasion though. I'm allergic to dye so something like this *might* actually work for me.

  2. Love the color on you!!!! I would hate the tangles but again, its just a temporary fun look.