Monday, April 27, 2015


I recently had my birthday and this will be the last year of my twenties, oh how time flies. My birthday was Tuesday, but since everyone in my family works different schedules and my daughter has swimming lessons after school that day, we decided to go out on Saturday night. We ended up going to a place called Bruno's in Eatonville. Eatonville is a super small town a ways south of where I live. Bruno's is definitely not high end at all, but they do make some delicious prime rib on the weekends. Bruno's mascot is a black lab, I'm not sure what was up with my venue selections that night, but later I went to a bar called The Green Pup. Apparently I was having a thing about dogs. ;)
Please excuse the picture quality, but I only had me cell phone with me. Saturday night was fun, I ended up nursing a hang over all day Sunday however, 

Dress: Torrid. Boots: Target. Cardigan: Walmart. Earrings: Old Navy. Necklace: Wetseal. Purse: Imoshion. Belt: Lane Bryant. 

The sun was just before setting and we were being blinded, hence the squinty faces. 


  1. Happy belated birthday! The dress is gorgeous. <3

  2. Hope you had a wonderful day!! Its my 29th next Saturday.
    I love the piccy of you and your daughter, such cuties!! xx