Sunday, May 10, 2015

Orange in the Park

 Happy Mother's Day to all the mama's out there. Yesterday, my daughter had a cheer competition and afterwards we got lunch, then headed to the park since the weather was so amazing out. I've really  been wanting to do more blog posts, but I lost my camera charger, and can only take pictures with my cell phone, which means I have to have someone else take photos for me. I've thought about asking people at work, but have been a little too embarrassed to do so. I've gotten several dresses, including some last year that have yet to make it on to the blog, I'm ridiculous at times. I didn't take pictures today, but I did have a good Mother's Day. My daughter and I got up and had to run to Walmart to get some last minute gifts for my mom that I forgot to pick up earlier in the week (candy and flowers), afterwards we went with my mom to my Grandma's, and then came home and had a BBQ. Normally I get my mom a bunch of roses, but this year I got her a rose bush to plant outside, which is what my daughter and I ended up doing after dinner.

Dress: Lane Bryant. Cardigan and Necklace: Old Navy. Shoes: Kmart. Purse: Imoshion. Sunglasses: Dollar Tree. 

She wanted to mimic the statue at Wright Park.


  1. I adore that dress and the floral backdrop is beautiful. Just a thought - I don't know if you have a tripod, but if you do you can get an attachment from eBay for very little money to put your cell in and then use self timer.

  2. Fab photos!! You and your daughter are radiant!!!!