Sunday, May 24, 2015


 I seriously loved today. My daughter and I headed up to Ruston Way which is off of Commencement Bay and spent all day on the beach and walking the water front. It was supposed to rain today, but no rain! I also feel like this outfit was the most perfect outfit for what we were doing, and it's all from Walmart except the earrings, actually the whole outfit was cheaper than the necklace. Ruston Way is a really interesting area, it has a sandy beach area as well as rock beach area. At one point, we were on the sandy beach area up towards the top and a man came out there with his two dogs. They are playing fetch with tennis balls down by the water. The funny thing though, was every time one of the dogs would fetch the ball it would run all the way up the beach, drop the ball next to me and my daughter, and head back to the water. We were cracking. My daughter would run the ball back down to them, and the dog would end up doing it again. So cute, apparently her name was Barney. Half way through our day we walked down the board walk and got some fish and chips for dinner, and then headed down to the Chinese Reconciliation Park before going home.

Pants, Shirt, Necklace, Fedora: Walmart. Earrings: Charlotte Russe

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