Thursday, November 26, 2015

Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Studded Lipstick

I was just recently sent the Sephora holiday catalogue that featured a lot of the new gift sets available. Seeing several in the adds I was interested in, I decided to go check some of them out in person. I was a little disappointed as the store didn't have majority of the ones I really wanted to look at, but I did end up getting myself the Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Studded Kiss lipstick set. This pack came with 7 mini lipsticks and 1 full size and retails at $42. I love the idea of mini lipsticks and these type of gift sets. I actually like almost every color out of the 8. But I'll go into further detail about the individual lipsticks.

Coven: This is a matte lavender shade. Super pretty and super drying, but I still love the color. It goes on pretty thick, but if your lips are already dry it will really cling to dry skin and make your dry pout that much more obvious to everyone else. I've really been into purple types of lipsticks lately, but this is a color that I'll seriously consider purchasing a full size in the future.

Wolvesmouth: First of all, gotta say I'm loving the name; it's so savage and sexy sounding and makes me think of werewolves. This one is described as a metallic berry. This color is fairly close to Lipstick Queen's Bete Noire Possessed Metal, with Wolvesmouth being a little more fuchsia and Possessed Metal leaning a little bit more towards plum. Below is a comparison picture with Possessed on the left and Wolvesmouth on the right. This is available in full size. Full size is $21, since I compared it to Possessed Metal, I'll let you know how much Possessed Metal is: $40.


NaYeon: This color is so fucking gorgeous and the finely milled gunmetal shimmer in it is absolutely amazing and this picture does it no justice whatsoever! However, I've never worn a black or dark grey shade of lipstick with the exception of Halloween, so I'm not sure how much use I'll get out of it. I'm going to make myself wear it out in public at least once. This is available in full size.

Gold Blooded: This is a really beautiful bright red with gold and red shimmer in it. This is the full size lipstick in the set, is limited edition, and the studded packaging on this one is white rather than the normal black. I like this color a lot, but I'm not sure it is one that I'd specifically go out and purchase. I've seen so many dupes of this (I seriously have a .99 NYC lipstick that is virtually an identical color, only maybe a little grittier glitter in it).

Noble: This is the only color that I'm not super happy with. It is described as a "matte petal pink nude." While this color may look gorgeous on some people, it is entirely too close to my winter skin tone, washes me out and I think gives me kind of a sickly look. I don't know, maybe it'll grow on me, but at this point this is my first impression. This is another one of those colors that there are a million dupes out there at far cheaper prices. I have a very similar color (slightly darker and some shimmer) from LA Color that was only $1. I don't think the quality of this one is much better, but the packaging sure is prettier. The photo below has the cheap LA Color lipstick on the left, Noble is on the right. This is available in full size.

Halo: This color, wow! It's a super shimmery, pigmented orange. I automatically think of the Slow Burn eyeshadow in the Urban Decay Electric palette, because it is seriously that type of pigmentation. It's pretty, goes on smooth, nothing to not love about it...Except it's orange and shows tooth discoloration. This is available in full size.

Sexer: The box describes this as an iridescent hot pink. It's nice. The application is smooth. It's basic, but a lovely color. This is available in full size.

Bachelorette: This is a reddish fuchsia type color. It's not described as a matte on the box, but there's really not any shimmer or anything in it. I like the color. This is available in full size. While I like it, I wouldn't purchase this one in a full size myself. And please excuse this dumb ass face!

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