Sunday, October 25, 2015

Walking Dead with Fright Fest

The first week of October I took my daughter to an event called Fright Fest which is hosted by Wild Waves Theme Park. While some people dress up, I really didn't feel like putting on costumes, so I threw on my Walking Dead tee. I figure it's staying in theme, but still looks like I'm an adult. And how exciting is it that the show is back on tv?! The picture quality in these pictures are definitely less than stellar, they were taken on my cell phone. A style note on these pants. While I love the color, they are not as advertised, or at least don't fit my body that way. Old Navy lists them as pixie ankle pants. They come to a normal length on me (I'm 5'3) and they almost look bootcut. I still like them, but they just look so different than online. Also Old Navy lists them as a red plaid, I figured based off the pictures they were more maroon/burgundy than red so I ordered the cardigan accordingly. Well when I got them, I was right. These pants also come in blue plaid, houndstooth, floral, black, blue, and purple. 

While I've been to Wild Waves before I've never done Fright Fest. It was actually a lot of fun. There are two haunted houses (the Chamber of Souls and the Playground 3D, lots of rides, a non-scary area for younger kids they call Booville (this section has bouncy houses, arts and crafts, and little photo boards with the cutouts to put your head in),  as well as places to grab a bite to eat, and Movin 92.5 is there playing music. I was there for the haunted houses, my daughter wanted to do the rides; I think it was a fair enough compromise. I will say however, I liked The Playground a lot better than the other. Everything was in neon color and glowing, you got to wear 3D glasses that made it look like everything was popping out at you with the strobe lights and black lights. I even ended up having to take the glasses off at one point. It was way more original than The Chamber of Souls. Also, the Chamber of Souls had a crazy wait in line, we seriously waited for an hour to get in.

Pants and Cardigan: Old Navy. Walking Dead Tee: Walmart. Boots: Kmart.

A big waterfall near one of the haunted houses that the water was dyed red to look like blood. My child kept telling me it looked like chocolate milk though.

There's a large pond in the middle of Wild Waves and it has hundreds of koi or carp. Right where this picture is taken there are some vending machines with fish food that you can purchase for .25 and feed them so they seem to gather on this side of the pond along with the wild mallards who are trying to score themselves an easy meal.  


  1. I love dressing up for Halloween. This year I'm completely behind because I haven't even thought of what I'm going to be and I have party to attend on Saturday....yikes!!!

    I've never seen that many koi together!!!

  2. I love your t shirt and pants! I need to get me some Walking Dead merch too. xx