Friday, June 1, 2012

Dreaming of Egypt

It has been awhile since I have been on here, but I have been so busy with school I have not had anytime. This outfit post is not really anything too special, but it would be a very typical outfit for what I was doing. The Pacific Science Center in Seattle is doing the King Tut exhibit, which is the last time it will be in North America, so of course I went, as seeing how I love Ancient Egyptian stuff.
  This is my daughter, she was distracted by the giant preying mantis behind us.

I knew we would be walking a lot and probably be there most of the day, so I prefer to try and remain comfortable, hence the sparkly flip flops.  The jeggings are from Lane Bryant, I actually bought them to go with a blue blazer, but ended up wearing them with this outfit, mostly for the fact that I forgot to do laundry, oops. I am not really a jegging or even legging wearer, but these were on sale, so I figured I would give them a try.

Gotta love the mid-blink pics as happened with my daughter in this photo. I love this Blazer and have been wearing it everywhere. I got it from Torrid on their sales rack. The necklace is Charlotte Russe and earrings are from Old Navy. Clearly none of these were really meant to be outfit posts, but I think these type of pics are way more fun the traditional outfit pictures. One more just for fun:

We were both too short for these things! She had to knee on a stool, and I could barely even reach my face up even though I was standing on my toes and wearing slightly platformed flip flops.

 These last two pictures were some of my favorites in the exhibit. If you are in the Seattle area before the year's end, I would definitely recommend checking out this exhibit. As an update of the last post I made, unfortunately two of the 3 shoes had to go back. The leopard print booties ran super big (or else the size was miss marked) and the coral pair were a really crappy quality and had some issues with the stitching. Even the black ones weren't of the highest quality and I guess I will see how well they hold up after a couple of wears.

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