Monday, June 11, 2012

A Lil' Country

Oh man two posts in one day, I'm on a roll! Not really, the post earlier I had actually written the night before and didn't post it till morning. Anyways, I spent the day outside with my daughter and then later decided to go shopping with her and my little brother. Unfortunately, my brother can't stand clothing shopping with me, so we just hit up some pawn shops and the local Blockbuster that is closing down. I got 26 DVDs for about $30, which are actually very reasonable prices. Buying DVDs is one of my obsessions next to buying clothing.

Just some outfit details, the shoes are from Torrid, I got them on clearance. They are wedges, faux suede and the wedge is faux wood. I think I paid less than $5 for them, and to be honest I probably would not of paid more. I have had many faux wood type of wedges but these ones sort of look like that sticker stuff that you resheet doors with. Although they do not look bad, I can't image them holding up for too long before it starts tearing or what not.

The messenger bag is pretty cool, it's sort of a neon yellowish/green, I don't know-maybe chartreuse. I got it at Target. They had massive amounts of neon. I like neon, but this is about the only way I am really willing to rock it.
Similar bags:
a yellow outside pocket bag Here
a smaller greener version

Speaking of Target, the dress came from there as well. I think this dress is super pretty, green with plum colored flowers, gotta love it. What I am not loving however is the length. I generally do not wear dresses that are shorter than the top of the knee, and this one is (even thought it doesn't look that way in the pics). It is actually several inches above knee length, I didn't realize this when I bought the dress. I will probably find some capri type leggings and wear it under the dress from now on.
Here are some similar dresses to it:
Same Dress
A different print, and without the smocking under the bust
One minus the print: here

This belt I got from Ross, and even though it is cute, it SUCKS!. The whole time wearing it, it kept coming undone in the front. I guess the logic is that the two sides with make it 'snap' together-well that does not work.
Cheri'z Angel


  1. You look so cute! That color is great with your skin. I have those wedges too and so far they have not peeled!

  2. Thank you. That's good to know about the shoes, hopefully they don't.