Monday, March 4, 2013

Faux Leather and Marvelous Monday

This will be my first installment of Marvelous Mondays. This is a fashion challenge between myself and several other bloggers. Our philosophy: Monday is nobody’s favorite day of the week, but maybe its terrible reputation is a little undeserved. We’re on a mission to make ours (and hopefully yours) a little less awful by dressing marvelously! Today's challenge is leather, real or faux. I chose faux. 

Faux leather blazer: Torrid. Shirt: LYS. Necklace, Jeans, Belt: Fashion Bug. Boots: Lane Bryant

Although I really like this faux leather blazer I wish I would of sized down so it would of been a little more form fitting, even with it buttoned up it still has a lot of room to spare. 

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  1. I'm so happy you've joined our challenge! Love the jacket. That blue/teal colour is gorgeous on you. :)

  2. I love this look!! And your little girl is so stinkin' cute, too! I want those jeans now. B:

  3. The little one is so beautiful with such a lovely smile. Great ensemble

  4. nice look! loving your accessories!

  5. Super cute look hunni! What a great idea to ward off the Monday blues!

    1. Thanks, and it is definitely an interesting challenge. My issues are never Mondays though, it's really towards Thursdays that I want to give up!