Monday, July 29, 2013

Baring it on Marvelous Monday

It's Marvelous Monday again. This weeks theme is bare arms and/or bare legs. I have no problem with the arms, the legs is quite another story though; much above the knee and I'm not wearing it.

Dress: Lane Bryant. Shoes: Fioni. Bracelet: Icing. Glasses: Fossil.

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  1. Cute dress - I am usually the opposite. I don't have a major problem baring my legs, at least not to about mid-thigh, but I have had to work myself up to showing my arms this summer. I've mostly embraced it, but it took a while!

    It gets easier the more we do it!


  2. You look great and I'm just the opposite because I dislike showing my arms but I don't have a problem with my legs. But I think it get's easier once you do it and you become more comfortable. I think you look great and you should show them legs more! hehe :) Your pictures are really cute too, it reminds me of like a secret garden! :)


  3. Oh, I love the print of your dress! And while I don't have any problems baring my limbs anymore, there was a time when I wouldn't wear a short dress or skirt without leggings. Not tights, leggings, because who wanted to see my fat girl legs?
    And now, my motto is short skirts 4 lyfe. :)

  4. Yeah I love that print. So muted and natural. I am the same with short hems...mostly because I always want to reserve the right to sit like a slob without showing the world my Spanx or lack thereof.

  5. Gorgeous!! I has the same issue, I dog mind bearing my arms, but I hate showing above my knees! You are rocking this dress!! Xx