Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Airy Cold Shoulder

 Today my friend and I took our daughter's for a play date at a playground, afterwards we went to a Mexican restaurant and got blackberry margaritas and something for the kids to snack on. It was pretty warm out so I made sure to wear something nice and airy so I wouldn't be sweating all over. This dress is especially nice because it has the cold shoulder slit going on. When it's hot out I never feel like dealing with too many accessories, so I don't; just a pair of fish earrings and called it good. The building and decor of the restaurant was so cool looking that I wish I would of taken some pictures there besides the one of me and my friend and my daughter. I definitely will be going to El Toro again sometime because the blackberry margarita was delicious!

 Dress: Walmart. Shoes: Payless. Earrings: Fashion Bug


  1. That dress is gorgeous and the colour really suits you!

  2. Cute maxi dress. It's the perfect piece of clothing when you want to look pulled together but stay cool in the summer.

    That green is lovely on you!


  3. Oh such a pretty dress and a great color on you. I agree when it's hot I don't like to fuss too much so I think your outfit is great. Plus that blackberry margarita sounds so yum! :) Oh and your daughter looks too adorable in her outfit! :)


  4. I love the colors on that dress. Cute! And your daughter is a little fashion diva!!!

  5. Firstly that dress is gorgeous on you , I really like the colours and secondly blackberry magaritas sound amazing!



  6. I saw that dress at Walmart and skipped over wanting to smack myself! You look amazing in it. I just thought the pattern might be overpowering on me, but you surely rock it.