Thursday, September 18, 2014

Plaid and Leopard, Oh My

Yet another day shopping. Uggh. Okay, I really do like shopping, just not the spending money aspect-if that makes any sense. I would of avoided the mall completely except the fact that I had to go back to Torrid to get that security tag taken off a shirt I bought, and I had a $40 Lane Bryant rewards card. I didn't do too badly though. I ended up buying a new dress and leather jacket from LB, nothing from Torrid this time, and then my daughter and I went to Spirits and bought her Halloween costume. I seriously LOVE spooky stuff, I'm practically salivating that there are going to haunted houses soon. They had the coolest Dia de los Muertos and Walking Dead glasses and mugs that I was really contemplating buying. If only they were coffee mugs that are completely sealable (as my work only allows that type-really, their rule is if you can't turn it upside down above your head without it spilling/leaking, you can't have it on the production floor), I would of been completely sold. Now I just need to order my costume, and I need to get on that quick since fat girl costumes go quick. 

I bought the top and leggings about 2 weeks ago from Kmart. They are Bongo, which is a juniors brand. The pants are fine, but I really wish the sweatshirt was a tad bit longer. I was  having a thing with Kmart for a while, they used to have a pretty good selection of plus size clothing: LYS, Bongo, and Jaclyn Smith.  Anytime I would go in I would always find a few things from one of those. It's kind of seeming like the whole Target thing though. I no longer see LYS or Jaclyn Smith (at least in plus) anymore and they seem to only have Bongo. Now I'm not sure if this is just my local stores or across the board, but I find it super irritating. Bongo is fine to an extent, but being that it is a juniors brand I've noticed that shirts always seem to run shorter than women's clothing. Most of the women's plus clothing is very frumpy, you know the stereotypical middle aged woman, boxy shapes and unfashionable elasticized waists. Bongo does have an array of bomb leggings right now, cute patterns and at a decent price too. 

Shirt and Leggings: Bongo from Kmart. Shoes: Lane Bryant. Earrings: Spencers. Bow Necklace: Wet Seal. Long Necklace: Old Navy. 


  1. I love this outfit and I love spooky stuff too! x x

  2. Ha! I totally get what you mean, if I could shop for a living and not spend my own money I'd be set! :-D

  3. Fabulous look hun! Love the plaid and leopard prints together!!! The black and white heels are a great addition.

    I'm thinking about throwing a Halloween party....I can't wait!

  4. stunning!! you rock that look!!
    thx for stopping by my blog,so lovely :D
    would you like to follow each other ?