Sunday, September 28, 2014

Blue Fall

Love Sundays, nothing quite beats being off work for the day. I started my day off by meeting a friend for coffee. From there my daughter and I went to the park for a little trek around the lake, followed by seeing Box Trolls (which I'll definitely be buying on DVD once it comes out), then a bit of shopping, and dinner at Apple Bees. 

I purchased this dress after seeing it online at Lane Bryant. I guess this is what everyone is referring to as scuba material. A bit strange, but I can really see it as being a great dress for fall and winter since it is so thick. I also purchased this faux leather jacket there. One thing that I really like about this one is the coloring. So often it's the basic black or brown, a navy blue is still basic enough to work with a lot of other items, but a just different enough to stand out. These boots were also a recent purchase from Kmart. I certainly don't have thin calves by any means, but yet these boots that are not wide width/calf actually fit. I think someone with calves even a little bit bigger than mine could manage them as well. It always pays to try stuff on, sometimes there are those random nonplus size items that happen to be made a little more generous . I'm super happy that I found these too. I would rank them with the quality of Lane Bryant type boots. Not super high quality, but not bad either. Actually, I would say this is a bit better because I paid right around $40 for these versus the $80 or so that places like Lane Bryant and Torrid want to charge. I think when I get paid again I'm going back and buying another pair of chocolate brown boots before they sell out. 

Dress and Jacket: Lane Bryant. Boots and Bag: Kmart. No longer remember about the Jewelry. 

This tree here: I had actually climbed up it and took picture, none of which turned out blog worthy. I was sure I was going to tip over backwards and crack my head and you could definitely see that in my expressions. lol, oh good times.


  1. Those boots are gorgeous. I might have to find a KMart, I think there is one in Daytona Beach still. Love the dress too!

  2. The dress is gorgeous! Blue suits you so well.

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  4. Love the printed dress. Blue is my fav color!!! Nice pairing with the gray boots doll.