Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Down on the Farm

Every year in October, my daughter and I go to Schilter Family Farm for harvest sort of activities. They have hay rides, a cow/horse train pulled by a tractor, pony rides, petting zoo, a corn maze and hay maze, an area they call hay jump (self explanatory), and a bazooka/cannon thing that you can shoot pumpkins and corn out of. It's a real working farm, so you can also buy certain produce such as pumpkins, corn, and apples. It's always a good time. The corn maze changes themes every year. This year was the Wizard of Oz and as you made your way through, they would have various scenes and characters set up from the movie. It was pretty cute. Anyways, being that we were going to a farm and going to be walking a lot out in the country, I wanted to remain as comfortable and practical as possible while still looking cute. I think this outfit would of looked far better if I had a pair of riding boots, but I have yet to go get some (even though I had the intention of going back to Kmart and buying the chocolate brown pair, which is probably going to be sold out now).

Sweater: Lane Bryant. Cardigan and Earrings: Old Navy. Jeans Torrid. Shoes (unseen): Nike. Necklace: Walmart.

I had to include this picture of my babes just because I love it so much.


  1. I wish they had more things like this over here. I spent AGES online looking for something like this to go to a few days ago. Your jumper is so pretty and your daughter is the cutest!

  2. Did you every find something? There are so many farms around her that do the harvest festival stuff. We go to the same farm every year, but I'm always thinking about trying out a different one.