Saturday, October 25, 2014

Shootin' Pool

My little brother and I decided to hit the town a few Saturdays ago. I got to say, the night was a bit of a flop. The first place we went to had absolutely no parking. We then decided to try, unsuccessfully at that, to find a bar he had been to one other time. Since that ended up not happening, we went to a bar called The Right Spot. The right spot it certainly was not, we had a drink, played a couple of games of pool and ended up leaving. Oh and by the way, I completely suck at pool and had my ass handed to me...just saying. From there we went to Cheers (my brother's first time there), which was super lame as well...but then again Cheers always has been. It's a sports bar and tends to get a very poser type of crowd. We got one drink, chugged it, and left. Last place of the night was Culpepper's. This was a bit better. A live band that was alright and shockingly they weren't charging a cover charge. While there, I seen a 60 year old woman grind and thrust on a square support beam, which I watched halfway between revulsion and amusement. Yeah, definitely one of THOSE nights. 

Since we were going out I decided to go full out on the makeup and wear a corset/bustier top I've had for a few years. Although you can barely see the shoes, I wore the ones featured in this post.  I'm so loving the faux leather jacket from Lane Bryant. I've seriously been wearing it nonstop. I definitely would say it's worth the hundred bucks. 

Shirt and Jeans: Torrid. Jacket: Lane Bryant. Boots Kmart. Necklace: Fuego. Earrings: Guess. 

 Me and my little brother. 

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