Sunday, November 9, 2014

Dia De Los Muertos

Last Sunday I went to a Dia de los Muertos exhibition that was going on at TAM (Tacoma Art Museum). It was a free event and kind of interesting, I feel like there could of been so much more done with it. That's okay though, it was a free event and nice to get out for a day. Part of what I was wanting was some more history on the day, but then again this was not a history museum, it's an art museum. They had some Aztec tribal dancers, face painting for the kids, you could decorate sugar skulls and make tissue flowers; in addition to these there was Dia de los Muertos paintings/drawings by local students and lastly the main exhibition area which had various altars set up. The place was incredibly packed and it made maneuver through the venue difficult. After the fact I read a news article about the event that said they had over 4,000 visitors for it, so you can imagine. I find Dia de los Muertos to be incredibly beautiful, and have to admit I'm slightly obsessed right now. 

After we left the event we ended up going to a place called Chalk Talk Bistro. It's a small joint with some of the best hamburgers around. One thing I love about it is that the walls are completely done up in chalk. Huge chalk murals of...whatever, this time it was The Nightmare Before Christmas, last time I stopped my it was Maleficent .While we were eating there was a Seahawks game going on. Apparently whenever Marshawn Lynch scores they give out bags of Skittles and make little balloon things for the kids, my child was super exited about that! Finally, we ended the day by stopping by Spirit's one last time before they close down for the year. I bought two Dia de los Muertos mugs that I think I mentioned previously (they are now on clearance for $4 each, SCORE!)  My daughter got a couple of creepy little dolls that she loves. 

Aztec Tribal Dancer

Tissue paper flower I created

My sugar skull, these were colored with oil pastels and my sugar skull kept crumbling.
After I got home my dogs stole mine and my daughter's and ate them. 

Chalk Talk Bistro

Outfit deets: Coat: Walmart. Dress: Torrid. Earrings: Spencer's. Necklace: Claire's. 


  1. You look so pretty in these photos, especially the second photo in this post. xx

  2. Great shots! It looks like an awesome day out! You're little lady is just too cute! xx

  3. What a great day!!! :) Loved the photos. :) And your dress. :)