Thursday, November 27, 2014

Glamorously Retro

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate, if not, then happy Thursday. This was a a dress I bought a while back and am just now getting around to blogging even though I've worn it numerous times. My daughter picked it out actually, and I was like you know, that is a super cute dress and ended up buying it. 
I also bought the shoes quite a while ago and don't end up wearing for a few reasons. First: they are faux suede and I live in Washington where it rains a lot and gets muddy, and second, they are kind of uncomfortable. The heel is pretty high compared to the platform and kind of makes the step awkward and they seem to cause  some excessive pressure on the balls of my feet. Part of the second issue may be able to  be remedied with some insole, but I have yet to try. I just know I did wear them to work one day and only made it half way through the day before I ended up getting flats out of my car to change into. They may have to be those type of shoes that you wear when you know your only going one place with minimal walking: ie, movies or dinner. Oh and this necklace-$3 at Walmart, I was super stoked about it. 

Dress: Torrid. Cardigan and Necklace: Walmart. Shoes: Kmart. Hair Bow: Dollar Tree. Earrings: Icings. 


  1. That dress is super cute. Your daughter has good taste!

  2. Love the print of your dress! Great styling!

  3. The dress and necklace are amazing. Boo for uncomfortable shoes though. :(

    1. Thanks. Uncomfortable shoes are always a tad bit upsetting.

  4. Aww it's horrible with uncomfy shoes. But they are pretty though. I can't wear much heels as I have a balance disorder. You look stunning. :)