Wednesday, November 5, 2014


This year's Halloween was incredibly hectic. I ended up leaving my house missing half my costume (some sheer elbow length skeleton gloves, my floral head band, and my sugar skull belt), one of my two 6 month old lab puppies stole my daughter's costume out of the drawer so we spent probably 20 minutes scouring the house looking for, but at least our makeup came out looking awesome. We did the normal Trick or Treating thing; the neighborhood we always go to has a free haunted house that is put on by some of the residence, so we did that too. My daughter and I dressed up as Dia de los Muertos, and got so many compliments on our makeup. I seriously wanted the night to go on, but I had to get up at 5 am the next day, so going out was a no go. 

The costume I purchased is by Legs Avenue via Torrid. I got the 3x/4x. It's definitely generously sized and has a lot of stretch in the top, I think it could fit someone who's even a 5. I was relieved when I got it that it wasn't super duper short like so many Halloween costumes tend to be (I ordered a sailor "dress" one year that didn't even cover my butt, so this always makes me a little paranoid). I actually got a little more use out of my costume this year than what I normally do. About 2 weeks before Halloween my daughter and I went to a costume event at Point Defiance Zoo called Zoo Boo, then one week before Halloween her school did trick or trunk, and then there was the actual day of Halloween. Our makeup at the first two events wasn't that great, but it was super quick 5 minute jobs. 

The pictures below are from the Trick or Trunk and dance at babe's school.

My costume still minus the gloves.

Baby getting down. This was towards the end of the night when most people were heading home.
The pictures below are from Zoo Boo at Point Defiance. It was pretty cute, they had a lot of little haunted scenes set up around the zoo.

 The picture above was in the aquarium. I petted a shark and some sting rays. The texture of the shark skin was an extremely strange sensation; it was almost slimy while being kind of gritty at the same time. 


  1. Such cute costumes, I love how you and your daughter matched, it's so cute! I think your makeup looks amazing all the days but especially the one on Halloween because of the jewels, it's gorgeous! :)


  2. Wow, I love these photos! All the make up was great (and looks like it took far longer than 5 minutes) but I especially love the jewels.