Friday, August 10, 2012

Lavender ruffles

Today being Friday, I took my daughter to gymnastics, and afterwards we went shopping with my mom for my brother's birthday. It was incredibly nice out today, so we hung outside for a bit, and then went to have dinner with my brother.

Beginning of the day before my tiredness kicked in.

My little buggy boo

So my daughter took these pictures after we got home. I look straight jacked up! LMFAO! Whatever though, at least I looked cute in the morning. So this dress is Merona from Target, I got it for something like $13 I want to say, about a month ago. I love the color, its purple, lavender, taupe, and a sort of maroonish-brown. Very feminine dress. Although it is a very summery looking dress, gotta say it was not a very cooling one as I found out today; the whole dress is lined with a relatively heavy material. The pattern is kind of cool though, at first it just looks like dots, but if you look close it almost has a reptile look. These booties are straight awesomeness. They are suede wedges by Fergalicious, my mom bought them for me, and I am in love. I just love suede shoes in general though.