Friday, August 10, 2012

RANT! Print/pattern clothing makes Fatties look Fatter

This will not be a traditional OOTD post, but rather a rant about the type of crap I see women, especially other large women, say about fashion "rules." I have many of the stores I shop at on my Facebook, so of course I end up seeing peoples opinions about clothes that are being posted. Here is one of the recent ones, and the catalyst of this post..."Prints aren't good For curvy ladies! Why do this!" Now this is something that always irritates me, it's kind of like the whole big girls shouldn't wear stripes.

 This was the dress from Simply Be Fashion that the woman remarked on. I really don't understand why people think this. You could take this model, put her in the exact same dress that is in solid color, and guess what? She's not going to look any smaller. My personal feelings about it is if you don't like, DON'T BUY IT! I personally don't like bubble hems for myself, but hey I am not going to knock other people for liking or tell them that they shouldn't because of some misguided fashion crap that people actually believe. Here's yet another one.

Not that I personally like this dress, but of course this is one of the many that I have seen people rank on. Another Facebook quote on Fashion Bugs page: "Large prints make you look LARGE!" I call BS on that. I have lots of print, possibly verging on too much, and in all honesty, I look the same in prints and solids. It is about the shape and fit of your clothing that makes a person look bigger, not the print.

Just reviewing some of my pics of pattern/print clothing, and I like them, always will. And I look good. Hey, if some people want to limit themselves, be my guest, but I will not be one of them.


  1. Girl I wear what I want to wear...when I want to wear it. I take all those rules that society has tagged on us plus size women and throw them out the window. You look great in all your printed items! Kiah

    1. Thanks. I think majority of the 'rules' are are BS anyways. That's the way I feel too, if I like the way something and the way it looks on me, I get it regardless.

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