Saturday, August 4, 2012

My daughter had gymnastics to go to yesterday morning, so I wore something to keep it simple since you have to participate with your child. Afterwards we had lunch with my brother at this new restaurant that was opened by a butcher shop, and they had the best ribs ever (that was my brothers order, I got a beef brisket sandwich, which was good too), and afterwards we met my friend for coffee.

Rose shirt: Torrid Pants: Source of Wisdom. Shoes: Fashion Bug Earrings: Alley Cat

I am not really sure what's going on with my hair, kind of looking Flock of Seagulls-esk, lol that's an over exaggeration, anyways...
This is by far one of my favorite shirts that I own, and actually my first purchase from Torrid-LOVE IT.

My Daughter

Here is another outfit that I wore quite a few days ago. I was going to do an OOTD post with it but wound up not getting any good pics, and was super exhausted by the time the day was over.

This dress is George, same as the blue one in my last post. I had originally bought the blue first. Then I was going to have mine and my daughter's pictures done, she had a sort of peachy dress, so I decided to just go back and by this one (I always color coordinate our clothes for professional pics). This shirt is Jaclyn Smith. I really like it, it's a nice flowy, light weight material, and has gold buttons that go nicely. However, first time washing it, on a light cycle mind you, the seeming on the outside panel where the buttons go frayed and now I have to figure out a way to sew it back without completely ruining the shirt. So irritating when stuff like that happens! So this is my daughter in the all pink, and the other little girl is my neighbor's granddaughter.

And just because it looked cool...This is Mount Rainier, not too far from my house, it looked absolutely gorgeous.