Friday, October 9, 2015

Plaid Plums

 I wore this outfit the last day of September and it has quickly become one of my favorite outfits that's been in high rotation lately. Besides the fact that purple is my favorite color, it's also fairly warm which is nice since the mornings are so chilly now. I think my favorite thing about this outfit has to be the scarf though, it has flowers and skulls, so yeah, of course I'm gonna be attracted to it.
I ended up buying two of these plaid shirts (different colors) and seriously thought about buying a couple more. They say that they are tunic length, however that's not completely true. The back of the shirt is quite a bit longer though and will cover some rump. My only real complaint about the shirt is that the damn thing will shrink so if purchasing it, plan accordingly! The lipstick I'm wearing is Wonderchilde by Kat Von D and is another one of my favorites. Sephora describes it as an iridescent neon lilac.

Shirt and Black Cat Earrings (can't see): Walmart. Scarf and Skull Ring: Torrid. Leggings: Lane Bryant. Boots: Old Navy. Bracelet: I believe it was Fashion Bug many years ago. Purple Bead Necklace (hard to see): Target brand new via the Goodwill. 

You can't see them, but I have on some super cute Halloween black cat earrings that have green eyes. I tried to find them on the Walmart website, but it didn't have the same ones. Here a link to a similar pair. I have an affection for black cats. 

How cute is my daughter's outfit!? I would seriously wear it if it came in my size. Her whole outfit is from Justice for Girls, her bag is Target, and Boots are from Kmart.


  1. I love the mixed prints! The scarf and plaid work so well together. Too cute!!!

  2. I love the shirt and boots. They are great colours for this time of year, I bought a pair of shoes similar to that colour recently.

  3. I love how the colours look great together, and the both of you look so cute.