Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Saint Patty's Day Green

This is not a new outfit by any means, it is actually from Saint Patrick's Day, but I still love the outfit none the less, and decided I would share it anyways. 

I decided to snip the pic down to maintain the privacy of one of my friends. This is definitely one of my favorite shirts. I actually bought it at Kmart, it's glitzy but has the comfort of a regular tee shirt.
The crop pants were actually not originally crop pants, but I had torn the bottom of them really bad when they got caught on something, and decided to just cut and hem them rather than throwing them out. I am glad I did, because I actually like them better now than the way they were in the first place. The pants are from Fashion Bug from I think last spring. The shoes are Brash from Payless (currently one of my favorite pairs as well).

The purse is Guess, once again another old bag of mine, but I LOVE IT. This picture does it no justice either. My Birthday is actually this Saturday, and I think I need to amp up my bag game, it's been awhile since I have invested in any new ones, so that may be on my list of things to get.

One last pic, this bracelet is from Walmart, and I got it on clearance for about $2. I do like the bracelet, but in forethought I am not sure if I like it with this outfit. The jacket I was wearing was blue so I was trying to tie it in together with the rest of the outfit through the bracelet, whatever though. This necklace I love, it was a gift from my cousin when I had my daughter, a clover leaf, which of course was fitting to wear for Saint Patty's (my daughter is not a Saint Patty baby, just for clarification.
Anyways till next time, and hopefully I will get some followers
Cheri'z Angel

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