Friday, April 27, 2012


No clothing post today, hopefully sometime in the next week since I went shopping today, and got some new stuff. But I will share the new purses I got. I was in dire need of some new ones. 3 new ones actually, and it came real close to being overboard since there were SO MANY that I was loving. Anyways here are my 3 new ones.

Unfortunately the coloring of the bags is off in pretty much all of the pics, especially the lilac Guess one. The top two purses are Guess and the bottom metallic pink bag is Kathy Van Zeeland.  It was so hard to limit down. There was this Super cute neon green Guess bag that I almost got too, but I had to stop myself since I already spent a grip of $$$. I also came close to buying a huge turquoise and pink floral Bettysville purse, but decided against it since the last one I purchased I had issues with pretty much right off the bat. 

Cheri'z Angel

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