Monday, April 16, 2012

So this is my first blog post EVER! But it seems like it may be a fun new adventure to try out, knock something off my bucket list. ; ). Anyways, I went to see Cabin in the Woods last night, which was awesome by the way (although I am a total horror movie fanatic so I may be a little biased), but here is my outfit that I wore to the movies.

I am absolutely loving blazers right now, especially bright colored ones, I am seeing many more in my future. And of course wedges are one of my all time staples.

Outfit details: Green blazer by Lane Bryant:
Floral dress is by Lane Bryant as well. This dress is great, it is very versatile since it can be dressed up or down.
The shoes are by Brash which I purchased at Payless. They are a faux suede and even though they are not wide width, they can easily accommodate any foot width since they lace up.
Even though none of these are really visible in the pics, I will give the detes on em anyways. The bag is Guess, super old. I have had it for about 3 years and this bag has taken some beatings let me tell you, but it is still going strong (which is exactly why I love Guess bags). The earrings are from Old Navy and the Rose crystal necklace is from Feugo.

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