Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Today was a rather uneventful day. Went to work and the mall, which was about it. But anyways lets' get to the good stuff...clothes! Unfortunately I was taking these pictures myself, clearly in dressing rooms, so they are kinda crappy, but I guess they work.

Obviously I am at target in this picture, and I did buy that peacock sort of sheer coral colored blouse. The blazer I am wearing is by Lane Bryant; it's exactly the same as the green one I featured in my first post. Just for reference, Lane Bryant sells this particular blazer as 'rouge red', clearly it is not any sort of red in the least.It is definitely a coral with a slight pinkish tone. Coral is a spring/summer color I have been in love with for the past couple years.

The shirt is Just My Size, which I purchased at Walmart for something like $7 (gotta love cheap finds). Normally I hate the hokey sort of prints that Walmart shirts have; however I love the Cherry Blossom print, regardless of what it is on. The pants I am wearing are Source of Wisdom from Torrid. I really like these pants, they are fairly thick and durable, and SUPER stretchy, that being said, I should of tried them on before purchasing them, because I really should and would of went a size down. Good thing I know now, because I just ordered a new pair, and was able to get them in short online, which unfortunately my local Torrid does not always carry.  The shoes are from Target, Mossimo. These are awesome boots, they are slightly pointed toe wedges, and they can either fold down to have a visible fur lining, or you can have them pushed up to go farther up the calf giving a completely different look. 

The locket is from Walmart, once again another cheap find. I refuse to pay a huge amount of money for costume jewelry. 

Cheri'z Angel

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