Monday, April 30, 2012

Dreaming of Summer

The weather has been less than fantastic here, then again I live in Washington and of course we have massive amounts of rain. Just for this fact I try not to let the weather stop me from wearing what I want, otherwise it would be a lot of sweat pants and golashes; that was kind of a joke because I really don't own either. Anyways, today was my only day off so I took my daughter to see the movie Pirates since she has been bugging me about seeing it.

The dress I got at Ross, a cheap find, I love it though. I know it's a little loud for some people, but that is part of my attraction to it. The shoes are wedges from Target, and the bag is Glo from Kmart.

A little closer up, this cardigan is from Target and still available. The earrings are a layered turquoise and silver design which I believe I had got from Fashion Bug.

Cheri'z Angel

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