Saturday, July 21, 2012

There's nothing super special about this outfit, but I think it was cute and comfortable. I sat in class all day today, and I am dead beat! Today was odd, it was raining when I left my house, but when I finally got out of class at 3:00 it was super hot, needless to say I couldn't wait to get home to change into something cooler, but by the time I got home it cooled off really quickly. 

Pants: Source of Wisdom-Torrid
Boots: Lane Bryant Similar Here
Outer pleated shirt and black tank underneath: Walmart
Earrings: Walmart
Bracelet: Alley Cat

These pictures are so bad, between the rain and bright light I don't think they could of been much worse. Anyways, these boots are awesome. They are wide width both foot and heel and super comfortable, I would highly recommend investing in a pair.

I know a lot of people don't like Walmart, I however, do not care. If I like something I will buy it regardless. Most of the time I do not like Walmart clothing, especially the plus size. It always seems to take on a sort of frumpy,old woman look. Every once in awhile I am surprised and find something (besides basics like tanks and whatnot) that I thinks cute. This brown lace print shirt was one of them. 

Cheri'z Angel


  1. Sorry to leave this comment here when its unrelated but the javascript on Jessica Dee's blog (Too Many Sequins) isn't working for me right now!
    ASOS is absolutely awesome, and I have very few items in my wardrobe not from there. If you're scared of getting a wonky fit or anything, they have faultless returns, even on sale items - and they have some amazing sales. Just check off a box saying you want a refund, and you only have to pay postage.

    If I'm sounding like I work for ASOS, I apologise. I just love them so much, they've changed my life - I'm from a small town with no plus size options whatsoever and I lived in the same mens tshirts and jeans for years...

    1. Sorry I did my initial reply below instead of with reply, lol, still trying to figure out the ropes of blogging! Do you blog anymore, I looked at your page and it said your last entry was March? We could follow each other.

  2. lol, no problem. And much thanks for the information.

  3. I have much more luck with Wal-Mart's selection online than in stores. Mine is the same as yours, frumpy and old lady!

    1. You are so right about online being better. I have been seeing Tina Knowles line at Walmart, and it has been super cute, but they are always in sizes that I can't wear.