Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wild Thing

 Dress:En Focus. Blazer: Torrid Boots: Lane Bryant Leggings: Torrid

 I look so gross in that pic above. lol. My daughter did something to that affect while ha ha haing, and told me to do it when she takes the pic. Funny, she looks so much cuter doing it that I do!
These reptile print leggings were not what I expected when I received them. I could probably go down a size in them, but never the less, they are SUPER loose on the calf area, as well as really long too. Another thing, when I ordered them online, they looked to be matte black with a shiny black to make the reptile look, but in person it's black with Silver. They are super pretty, but not as understated as I thought they would be. I really like this dress too, it's well flattering overall, everything except the material that's kind of a stretchy polyester. I hate that companies feel the need to make so many plus size clothes in it. Either way,this specific dress I was willing to make an exception for.


    Love this look! Very sexy and has alot of attitude.
    I need those leggings
    Great blog, new follower!
    Much love from California

    1. Thanks. The leggings are pretty awesome. I really need more too, in other patterns of course. Those were my first from Torrid and I will definitely be down sizing next time.